One set of explanations is chosen for its variety of angles that mainstream scientist community now uses to “CLAIM” that they are looking at a particular universal phenomenon from diverse points of views. In fact this diverse approach that scientists introduce to the world about certain universal phenomenon is in reality not diverse at all. It limits us only in one type of possibility with different scenarios keeping us confined (within that one possibility out of many). For example, in many theories today we have false unproven hypothesis, half truths along with some true scientific observations. Let’s take the theory of Evolution for example. There are major flaws in observational explanations with many false assertions in the theory of evolution. The fact that the first life germs actually existed to multiply in itself is a billionth of a billionth of a possibility; and in essence being a miracle to begin with. The theory never explains how the first life germs themselves came into existence, which would then be pointing directly to a Creator who created the first life germs from absolutely nothing. Compare this to the monotheistic religions claim that one unique Creator created man, fashioned him and taught him the knowledge of things; pointing exactly opposite to man not being a glorified ape. In the monotheistic religions one is admitting to the fact of not knowing the unknown and bringing in an actor (the unique Creator) which simply completes the missing piece of the puzzle. Monotheistic theory simply suggests that anything created cannot be the Creator; hence the Creator had to always have existed to have started the creation at a unique point in time. Whether one believes it or not, the fact cannot be denied that in the monotheistic claim it leads you somewhere with a closed ended answer. Unlike the theory of evolution which leaves you in the middle hanging on to your own contradiction. The only thing science is attempting to explain is how everything including life was created from SOMETHING and they trace their way back to the big bang. There had to be something to cause the big bang with; that’s what our modern science cannot explain, proving the monotheistic claim to be true that another actor is at play here. Modern science has absolutely no credible knowledge of that which would explain the “something out of nothing”; and yet science will not look at the claim of all monotheistic religions that the Creator created everything from absolutely nothing. (When you bring the unique Creator in the picture then everything falls perfectly in place with all the unexplained in the universe, and then we would have more reason to bring in sources of knowledge never looked upon before in modern science.) I wonder why we spend so much time in our education system explaining flawed theories while giving no significant importance to the ones that make some sense. Not a single dime is spent to research the old texts to gain understanding of the universe at large. This inefficient methodology of scientific research is then taught through the education system in such a way where the only way you can pass the exam is if you memorize that information by heart and then simply give that answer on the exam to be considered a passing grade. The last thing that is used to engrave that outcome of certain scientific research in to the minds of people is that the media and the governments introduce to us a few other folks (so called scientists), who have graduated through the same education system and have even more absurd theories, and of course their research is funded by the public funding; hence now we are sold the idea that the earlier conclusion/explanation is better, and enough spending is enough; so the case is now sold to the education system to utilize this research and “enlighten” humanity. There are other genuine scientists who are totally sidelined and are never satisfied of the mainstream conventional science and continue their path of research. These scientists’ discoveries and research also need to be incorporated in to the educational system.

Published on Feb 16, 2014

do you know which star or planet that is??

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-Q5SjPGmR0?wmode=transparent]


Published on Feb 16, 2014

I really don’t know if this is fake or real, but it’s cool…..

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxqCpW7h-Tw?wmode=transparent]

I want to personally thank muslim american ( name unknown ) for presenting me with source material which I have explicit permission to use and share with you. Without that this article may not have been as informative as I would have liked it to have been.


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