U.S. Government Most Corrupt On Earth. Greg Hunter Goes One-on-One With Economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 12/17/2014 (Video)

From JayWill’s Alternative Media Resource Network. You are about to view a true story, recorded recently, documenting facts about the teetering economy and possible economic collapse. This story is both dedicated to the faithful and presented to the falsehearted to encourage their research of Truth, and current events happening in and around the world in which we live today.

From the city of Gainesville Florida, Live in the heart of gator country, near the Gulf of Mexico, 50 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean, Good evening, Good morning, wherever you may be, across the USA or around the globe, Today is Wednesday, December 17, 2014 and the time is 7:16am E.D.T.,  I’m JayWill and Welcome! Got a lot going on today so let us begin. Coming directly from the Greg Hunter youtube channel. Greg Hunter  of USAWatchdog.com goes One-on-One with economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
http://usawatchdog.com/is-ruble-colla..Greg Hunter  states “On the teetering economy and possible economic collapse, former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “We know something serious is wrong. The only provision of Dodd-Frank that has any teeth is the provision that says if the big banks are going to be casinos and gamble on derivatives, they cannot do that in the depository institution where depositors have their accounts. They have to farm it out into subsidiaries. So, if the subsidiaries get into trouble, the subsidiaries have no access to depositor’s money. This is the only real reform part of Dodd-Frank. Citigroup got put into the recent spending bill, the repeal of this, so banks can gamble on derivatives, and taxpayers and depositors are on the hook for the losses. Why would you do that unless you had a lot of derivatives trouble. It could easily be the oil derivatives. . . . The banks can gamble all they want and they are covered by the FDIC, which has no money. . . . This gives the banks access to depositor’s money. . . . This is sick, and it shows the United States government is the most corrupt government on earth, far more corrupt than Russia or China.”

There is alot of speculation being slung around but In Reality v Mythland, PCR is a great soldier for Reality. Good interview of course, but someone needs to come up with the figure for U.S, dollars Russia has in reserve, because the further the Rubble falls the more they can repatriate. Everyone is guesing on the reason behind the fall in the price of oil, but if gas were $4 just what would that 11% decline been on Black Friday? I continue to think the greatest American maxim is “Money talks and bulls**t walks.” People that go around saying the economy is getting better are stupid in the eyes of anyone with a brain and now anyone that says the economy is getting better, I just idiot hop. The government is illegitimate and the truth does not need acceptance to be true.  Mythland is up against Reality and whether you live in Mythland or PCR Reality, money talks and bulls**t walks. And someone needs to hang. Enjoy!!! Be AWARE and be PREPARED, FEAR is not an option. Be safe everyone…

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