Nibiru – More Evidence 2014 – 2015 12/24/2014 (Video)

Some more information from the Nibiru system, Nick Mercer says he has many videos still to supply. Nibiru is visible very often in the southern hemisphere, we need to stand together and watch this space as its happening. Enjoy!!!

Surely the message of Planet X is an unwelcome topic by those who cannot handle the knowledge of it. We know for most of us it means a sea change of lifestyle and for others it means certain death due to infirmity or life-dependence on personal assistance of some kind or a drug to stay alive. The fix for me is compassion and reminding myself that Life is not the body. Another facet we can rely on for the “telling” is divine guidance or serendipity if you will. That we accept feeling compelled to drop a hint or think it reasonable open a discussion with whom we meet. I would not open the topic with a young child, a frail elderly person or someone confined to wheelchair, for example. I keep my eyes and ears open for the right moment with any other independently functional person I meet, however. I believe it is a priceless opportunity to offer those who will listen a loving warning about Planet X and the pole-shift. Imagine how you will feel knowing that you helped them, and by default, their loved ones to survive the cataclysm? Be AWARE and be PREPARED, FEAR is not an option. Be safe everyone…

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