Merry Christmas To All Dec.25, 2014 (Awesome Video)

Christmas lights and great music: Mannheim Steamroller, along with Trans Siberian Orchestra provide the music; the Christmas lights are real homes of real Americans across the country. The lights are synced to the soundtracks of these two great musical groups.

There are approx. 25 video clips, all published on YouTube by your neighbors for your enjoyment, running about one hour and 20 minutes. This collection of music and lights was collated by Gary Micheloni of Supreme Word Management Group.

SUGGESTION: run this video on your office or home computer, or even your home ‘smart TV’ and have a great collection of music and lights! Enjoy!!

This music just gets me into the Christmas Spirit and I really feel good and want to give more after I listen to TSO. I also have 4 cats that seem to really like TSO. Be AWARE and be PREPARED, FEAR is not an option. Be safe everyone…

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