China's The Elephant In The Vault | Ned Schmidt 12/26/2014 (Video)

Ned Schmidt joins us today. Seems that China has opened up it’s stock markets to the world and this is going to have a profound effect on investment flows. Now investors from around the world will be able to buy Chinese Stocks. The money is already starting to flow. If you didn’t notice, China has restated its GDP and it is now the largest economy in the world. Ned mentioned that corn has bottomed and will be heading higher next year. He believes that oil will stay where it is for another year. Those farm animal drug stocks that Ned has been talking about for the past year have taken off recently. Lots more to learn about from Ned. In fact, Ethanol ain’t so bad. Enjoy!!!

Do you really believe that the Government and its alphabet soup agencies are INEPT or is it becoming more and more apparent that they are actually very good at what they do because they get the results they want all the time. Yes, this requires one to question everything he or she ever believed.

All the people out there who throw the TIN FOIL HAT comment to people who question the motive of our benevolent governments, every time we do something like arm terrorists, bailout banks, pass NDAA, sign onto the Patriot Act, sign the NAFTA paperwork, go off the gold standard. It goes on and on and on and on.

Even the people who don’t wear the tin foil have to be questioning by now or they should be wearing the DUNCE HAT!  Be AWARE and be PREPARED, FEAR is not an option. Be safe everyone…

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