New Drone Cell Towers And Code Enforcement Coming To Your House 12/25/2014 (Video)

Wake up RED ALERT! A crude and costly, you can bet, method to put everyone in their book for close inspection and scrutiny…the big shake up based on lies and snoop technologies with a new rule book of penalties for everyone to pay up or tagged as a house lean until you have to sell your house to pay, could their also be a jail term?, I would not doubt that is in the book small print………………look out the plans are in!!! Enjoy!

Bet you find these clowns thawing out on some coastline or river bank somewhere inside a energy saver freezer no doubt…..Gotta enter your home s**t. Wanna lower greenhouse gases etc. get rid of the simpleton gangstas that come up with this BS.  Be AWARE and be PREPARED, FEAR is not an option. Be safe everyone…

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