The Off Grid Project ™ Batteries And Fuses Explained 12/26/2014 (Video)

There has been a lot of discussion about the tiny house solar battery bank wiring and fuses. So The Do It Yourself World took a few minutes to explain how The Do It Yourself World wired up the tiny house solar power and some of the future plans and changes.

The Do It Yourself World has a thicker 6 gauge wire connected to the positive wire of their tiny home solar battery bank and running to a fuse block. Currently the fuse block has two 80 amp fuses which are too large. The Do It Yourself World plan to drop these down to 60 amps. The 6 gauge wire is rated for about 73 amps so this should work out fine.

There seems to be some concern also about water dripping down onto the wires. The drain pipe extends under the kitchen counter from one end to the other. But what you cannot see on camera is that it is close to the wall. There is a space between the battery bank and the drain pipe. So even if there was a water leak, it would fall onto the floor next to the batteries and not onto the solar battery bank.

The wires that The Do It Yourself World tied onto the drain pipe are exterior grade wires so they can handle the weather, meaning rain and moisture. They are coated in plastic on top of the insulation to protect them from the elements. All connections to the fuse block and power distribution block are above the drain pipe. So if there was ever a leak, then water would simply run off onto the floor.

The Do It Yourself World will move their inverter though because it is only temporarily sitting on the floor under the water drain pipe. This will not be staying there.

From the main fuse block The Do It Yourself World has another fuse block which is the distribution block for their tiny house on wheels. This fuse block will lead off into each individual wire in the tiny house.

The Do It Yourself World have a common negative terminal strip coming from the battery bank where all my negative wires connect to. This is also high up and above any water lines.

Soon The Do It Yourself World will get their new forklift battery bank for their tiny house solar power and The Do It Yourself World will run the batteries outside in an insulated box of their own. Their main power lines will then go outside the tiny house to the battery bank.

This will free up the storage under the tiny home kitchen counter for other things such as food, pits and pans. Enjoy!! My goal of this post is to give ideas to those who may or may not be having problems in this area.

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