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New World Order: Jade Helm Update (Video)

It’s a very sad thing, to listen to people saying things like this concerning what their own country is doing to them. No numerology this time, just common sense feedback. As far as starving people out, the Romans were known for doing that wide-scale against their enemies, so it isn’t as farfetched as it sounds.

From the Youtube description: This video report talks about the conspiratorial elements included in operation Jade Helm, are key matters for worried people to talk about and to consider, as we continue to investigate and learn from what Jade Helm as a DOD military operation, has the ability to become, when it kicks off it main goals and objectives later in June 2015. Enjoy!!!

Jade Helm has shown us the scope and far reaching social possibilities, that such a DOD exercise could bring us. Any covert training intentions are all being kept hidden from the public, until such time, that as a nation, we will not have the ability to react, or do anything to counter such technological efforts, once discovered and considered.

This is why this video report and discussion serves as a means to discuss these important matters, that at present are not being actively discussed, in any alternative media, let alone MSM.

It is time that we admit, that the new battlefield of today and tomorrow is highly technical and as such, it will require new tactics and new thoughts to address the many technical elements that the new technical and digital battlefield will bring to bare on those that need to know such material, so that their freedom fighting efforts will not be in vain.

It is time for all us to think differently, about what it is we see as danger elements, contained in Jade Helm, and to begin that conversation, it is my hope that this video report will begin that important and needed discussion of topics related to Jade Helm 15.

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