Operation Jade Helm Or Operation Occupied America? (Video)

As of July 2015, the American Southwest is going to be populated by the U.S. military, who will view American states as hostile area. Don’t believe me? It’s true.

I’m refering to a organized military exercise by U.S. military special operations units called Operation Jade Helm. Yes, I understand, I don’t know how the military titles these operations, either. “Jade Helm” sounds like a new designer fragrance.

The states in which this exercise will take place are Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and quite possibly a section of California along the border with Mexico.

Exactly what is this all about? Scores of Americans would like to know the real answer to that question. Yes, we know what the government claims.

But keep in mind I have already told you about Army Special Ops Debunking Jade Helm Conspiracy Theories. Yes, it’s pretty obvious: Always assume it’s a scam. Hence, we can be sure the government is lying to us about the true dynamics of this exercise.

At this point, this exercise will include about 1,200 SOCOM (Special Operations Command) troops. They plan to work with both uniformed personnel and military vehicles and also staff in civilian clothes and vehicles.

There will be airdrops of troops, and weapons firing blanks will be utilized in mock combat. Now this will all be going on in civilian locations, not on military bases.

This is significant and I’ll get back to that. In this exercise, Texas and Utah will be declared “hostile” territory. Purportedly, civilian authorities will be advised of this as well as the general public.

Sure they will! Since when has the government told the truth about anything? Additionally, the exercises will be taking place on public and private land and private landowners will allegedly be asked and advised before they do it.

And authorities in charge of the public lands will allegedly be advised. Nevertheless, something suspicious is also being stated. Unsurprisingly, some of these troops will be going around attempting to blend in with the civilian population to see if they can be identified by the public.

The government states the public will be asked to try and identify these guys. Okay, what is this, an activity of hide-and-seek? What do we win?

No, the point of blending in is that folks don’t know you’re there and so don’t try looking for you. No, they are not going to tell the general public. The point of it all is to effectively blend in and learn how to do it successfully.

This whole idea smells rotton to the core. The government conveys to us this is a routine exercise so the military is ready to cope with “foreign threats”. Right, sure it is.

Pardon me, but if this was concerning “foreign threats”, why is the exercise about mixing in with an AMERICAN populace and operating hidden within that American populace?

Notice, blending in with Americans is considerably different from blending in with, say, Russians. The culture and customs are different.

Moreover , things that would be allowable in public in the U.S. might not be so in some Middle Eastern nations. This is not an exercise about a potential foreign war, but a indigenous one.

This is definitely not just some “routine” training. The U.S. military actually has vast military reservations in all of the Southwestern states that Jade Helm is taking place. That is where routine military training happens. The exercise could be held on those military installations without including the public at all. But, no, they wouldn’t.

The point of the exercise is to blend in with the American population and quite simply conduct military operations under their noses. That’s the skill they’re attempting to teach.

You do the math as to the motives. Because as I mentioned, if this was about some “foreign threat”, these exercises could be performed on those military installations in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Southern California.

Just look at a map and you’ll see those military reservations are enormous. More than enough land to operate in. So they can’t claim they don’t have enough area to train in.

Those reservations were developed for that very purpose: For the military to have more than enough land to train in! Why? So the public would not be put in danger by military training! But here we are with the military yanking civilians into their training without permission! People reside here in the American Southwest.

They haven’t not asked my permission, nor has anyone I know. Who really operates this country? Maybe that’s what this exercise is created to show, among other issues.

The military has no business to including ordinary people in military training, not for any purpose. Specifically without their permission.

They do not belong in civilian areas playing these silly games. That’s why the American taxpayer gave them those military reservations and pay for them continuously!

So they could do their thing over there, not in our towns and cities! Soldiers running around firing blanks in public civilian areas places people at risk!

What if some people don’t get the advisory message from the government that these exercises are taking place? They see people running around firing weapons.

They don’t realize those are blanks. The American Southwest has a large populace of civilian gun owners. What if they believe they’re under attack by terrorists (since some of those military personnel will be in civilian clothing) and return gunfire with live ammo in what they consider to be self-defense?

That’s one reason why those military reservations were created! To avoid that chance! But let’s observe what our old friend History has to say about this.

In 1938, Orson Welles performed a radio transmission of the H.G. Wells scenario “War Of The Worlds” on an American radio station.

Now, the radio station gave an exhortative that this was a fictional radio broadcast. But people that tuned in late didn’t hear that alert. So they tuned into what seemed to be a radio news bulletin warning about an attack of aliens from outer space.

It triggered mass hysteria and public panic. People were already worked up thanks to the manoeuvres of Adolf Hitler over in Europe and the radio broadcast was so authentic, people thought an alien invasion was in progress.

It scared a lot of people. Later on, it turned into a scandal, in fact. The radio station protected itself by stating they gave several warnings that this wasn’t real, it was only fiction.

But people tuning in late missed them. That was the issue: It was all too authentic with too few alerts.

So here we are now with the government having advised us that ISIS is preparing attacks inside the U.S. and the same government needs to conduct public military exercises that can seem all too much like a terrorist attack in progress.

And they’re depending on public notices about it that only appear hidden on Page 26 of the reports! And those only because the general public found out about Jade Helm, started to be suspicious, and so the government then had to make up some cover story about the true purpose of this exercise.

Yet, how many people will not learn this is a military training exercise and believe they’re under attack by terrorists? Well, the fact of the matter is, they’ll be right about it being a terrorist attack at any rate.

The American people are about to understand what the people of the Middle East have recognized for many years now. The U.S. military can install soldiers among you, take up your cities, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Don’t like it? Too bad. You wasn’t asked? Too bad. This isn’t an American military, this is essentially the restoration of the Roman military.

This is a de facto assault by terrorists, at the same time a mock attack, by terrorists appointed by the U.S. government.

One purpose is to show to the American people that this can be done and the government can effectively compromise the civilian populace and insert its own people into it with their own missions and agendas.

And the government wonders why they are viewed with deep mistrust? It’s because the mistrust is warranted.

Hence what is the “end game” of Operation Jade Helm?

As I explained, always, always, always, presume it’s a scam. The fraud is that we’re informed this is to train American troops for a foreign clash.

But, again, were that so, they have hundreds or thousands of square miles of vast Southwestern military reservations to do that training on.

There is undoubtedly a reason why they need to train on penetrating the American civilian populace and operating amongst it with their own missions and goals.

That purpose has nothing to do with any foreign country, it is purely training on dealing with the American people themselves.

That’s why they’re training on sneaking past American civilian populations and trying to learn how to function hidden. Or, at least undiscovered until it’s too late.

It’s totally obvious as to why Texas was one of the states selected to be “hostile” territory. Texas is one state that made some colorful threats of seceding from the United States a couple years ago.

Americans have backed U.S. militarism at their own danger.

Americans backed “regime change” not seeing that if the government can warrant toppling the governments of other countries with military force, it can also do so its own self within itself.

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” The U.S. government is doing unto us as it has done unto the Middle East.

We get the mercy we meted out to the Middle East. Call it karma, call it reaping what we sowed. The military-coined motto of Operation Jade Helm is “Master the Human Domain”.

Doesn’t that sound freedom-loving and liberty-leaning? Right. It sounds more like something a Roman emperor and his army would say. That motto is something a tyrant would say. And now has. Be AWARE and be PREPARED, FEAR is not an option. Be safe everyone…

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