Marines Training For “Riot Control” As Citizens Fear Jade Helm 15 Is Out Of Control (Video)

The citizens of Bastrop TX are looking at backing out as a host city for the Jade Helm 15 Training Operation.

Host Rob Dew talks with Ret. Staff Sgt Joe Biggs about this, the newly releases Marine training video, the WalMart Deathcamp conspiracy and new updates from FEMA. Enjoy!!!


Jade Helm is the Problem. The Reaction is fear, distrust, suspicion, and for a few veterans and the militias-action! For some, the Solution was the “Jade Helm is a Neocon Hoax” posts.

The soldiers taking part in Jade Helm/Maple Resolve/Maple Caravan are small-scale, and I know the entire Canadian and US Military are not our enemies, but by putting these activities in front of us, they may hope to manipulate us.

These soldiers Americans view in their towns and neighborhoods this month may be “Following orders”, as some have indicated, to see how much opposition they might get. They need to know just how agitated the residents are before they take any more actions. They are not getting a warm party in some places, but I think many will pay no attention to them.

I think they enjoy taking us off guard, off-balance, and simply cannot be trusted to do what they state they set out to do. They aim to win, regardless, and will do anything to accomplish their goal. Be AWARE and be PREPARED, FEAR is not an option. Be safe everyone…

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