Obama Addresses American Hostage Killing by U.S. Drone (Video)

The U.S. government’s implementation of drone strikes came under increasing tension on Friday, as Pakistan joined up with an agreement of complaints over the plan following the unintended killings of 2 al Qaeda hostages.

David Knight talks with Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson about Obama’s press release regarding a drone strike. Enjoy!!!

The White House stated it was executing “a thorough independent review to understand fully what happened and how we can prevent this type of tragic incident in the future” after it surfaced that U.S. aid worker Warren Weinstein and Italian national Giovanni Lo Porto were wiped out by a CIA drone strike near the Pakistan-Afghanistan boundary.

While delivering “heartfelt condolences” to Weinstein and Porto’s relatives, Pakistan wondered about the extended use of the technology in the area which has long been a source of trepidation.
“The U.S. quite literally didn’t know who it was killing”

“In each of the operations acknowledged today, the U.S. quite literally didn’t know who it was killing,” ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jameel Jaffer stated.

The usage of covert drone strikes has long been belittled by the countries where they are used, even uniting Pakistan and Afghanistan, who have both called on the U.S. to quit using them.

A 2014 record by the UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council) also called for independent investigations to be performed into drone strikes following information of civilian deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and in other places.

Nevertheless, the U.S. administration and Barack Obama have consistently protected their use.

In a 2013 speech, Obama stated that they were the most successful and least bloody means of going after terrorists who presented an imminent threat, in remote and lawless areas outside of the reach of government.

Drones had generated “heartbreaking” civilian casualties, he confessed, but they were safer than the options, when an armed involvement by U.S. troops on the ground could trigger both more deaths among harmless civilians and also result in an international meltdown.

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