Agenda 21 Middle East

This Is One Of The Most Important Reports You Will Ever See On AGENDA 21. Its Happening Right Now. (Video)

Shock photos in the newspaper that prove with 100% accuracy that the construction of the wildlands project and controlled cities is underway.

It seems like Agenda 21 is going to transform America into a Muslim slum. The truth is, if we take a look at everything Agenda 21 is attempting to do, we can find it’s trying to enforce the Saudi model on America. The people have no rights. No voting. No unions. A very small elite ruling over the millions of dirt poor people with low wages and no benefits. Agenda 21 is the Saudi model, and I don’t think Americans are going to settle for this Muslim absurdity.

You the government will fall short without us, we will fall without you, if and when we are ever separated, the protection of freedom & liberty is guaranteed to be used against each other for maximum separation, creating us vs us splits everywhere. That was the successful strategy to date, divide & conquer WE THE PEOPLE by developing a middle man that helps all sides. We must sacrifice all we Know & Love because shortly in the reeducation FEMA camps, into the futures, children are divided not to gain bonds, the human element is being altered not to think, have emotions, love etc., to maximize production for our farmers. In history no country has regained their freedom’s & liberty’s once compromised. They have the power currently, but damit we are still the Seven plus billion people who are worthy of a choice. It will never be okay for a one day old newborn to be owned already financially in debt for life without ever saying one word. Drop all funded divides & unite, WE THE PEOPLE must discover it’s lost only to be gained if every person stands as one.

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