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New Volcanic Island Grows Exponentially Larger — Nishinoshima Volcano In Japan – Video

Written by JayWill7497

An undersea volcano off the coast of Japan has become a full fledged island in a short amount of time. The Japanese Meteorological Authorities have released a graphic showing the island growth since it rose above sea level in November 2013 (up until late May 2015).

A significant volcanic island rose from the sea floor (several hundred feet below the surface), then spread out to cover the former nearby volcanic island.

The new volcanic island now measures multiple square kilometers (miles) wide, and several hundred feet above sea level, and is still growing as of today (June 2015).

Not to be washed away like a mud volcano, this volcanic island is a new fixture located about 500 miles South of Tokyo along the Izu trench / island chain.

Ironically, the Izu islands are where the recent large 7.8M (8.5 magnitude earthquake) struck just 2 weeks ago, and is also the location of the Sudden blast of Mount Shindake.……


Credit to JAXA, JSA, and University of Tokyo for the animation:…

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