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Red Alert: What Is On its way? Crabs By The 1000s On Southern California Shores


Enormous amounts of crabs are on Southern California’s beaches. The dilemma on everyone’s mind is … what does it mean?

At they’ve been tracking a red alert in the area, which appears to not be weather associated. Reporters in the area are saying there are higher longwaves with the AM band and this is seismic. With all this, still do think that increased earthquake activity is possible up and down the West Coast into Baja, Mexico, with California in-between.

Wavelengths –
Shortwaves suggest near events, a high short spike usually indicates a short term major event is about to happen in that area.
Longwaves and steady increases usually suggest a large scale change is developing in the area that will effect a large area’s upper level jet stream.
M1 – M2 – Slight change is expected, but overall the weather pattern is not being influenced.
M3 – M5 – Change is expected and the reading signifies between then and and a few days it will occur. This is thought to be a moderate reading, which if a short spike can be a nearby event such as severe weather, unexpected lightning, or a tornado.
M6 – M9 – Significant change is expected. Anything over M7 is rare and special focus must be directed when readings go seven and higher. Severe storms are linked with this reading, which if a short spike can be a nearby event and a long duration and slow build being a large scale change.
M10 – Linked with tornado outbreaks. This also can be strong hurricanes and blizzards.

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