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OUTRAGEOUS! 3,700 Illegal Immigrant ‘Threat Level 1’ Criminals Released Into U.S. By DHS

Written by JayWill7497

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent escorts a handcuffed illegal immigrant convicted of a felony that was taken into custody during an early morning operation in Dallas on March 6. (Associated Press)

WASHINGTON DC | Homeland Security officials have just endangered you and your family. A new congressional report shows they released 3,700 of the WORST OF THE WORST – THREAT LEVEL ONE – Criminals back onto the streets of America.

The Criminals released were originally detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement – and deemed top priority for deportation. Many had cases pending however were freed despite the flight risk they posed.

If you think that is bad… 57% of the criminal illegal immigrants released were discretionary, meaning the department could have kept them in detention but chose instead to let them onto the streets as their deportation cases moved through the system.

DHS says their hands were tied as they untied the hands of those in custody. THE SHOCKING FACT IS the criminals released were by the choice of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and they could have been kept instead.

This is another example of an EPIC government failure. Instead of fulfilling the mandate of “protecting, life, liberty, and happiness” DHS has placed each one of those into jeopardy. As your life could be endangered when your liberty is violated by one of these THREAT LEVEL ONE criminals… as for happiness… well you can bet the released criminals were happy about the decision.

Are you furious about this?

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