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WARNING! Contagion, Financial Meltdown, Global Economic Collapse NOW!

Written by JayWill7497

Global debt saturation has without a doubt hit critical mass.

In a very shocking turn of events, every last ditch attempt to circumvent a Greek financial/economic meltdown has hit a brick wall. With no real solution even achievable, it seems that the end is here as the gargantuan global debt bubble has topped out.

The concern here is not a just Greek issue but an insurmountable, unfixable debt bubble which has the whole world and every single developed nation in it’s monsterous grasp. As this debt Frankenstein starts to manifest itself, the peoples of the world are going to get a sickening serving of truth.

If now is actually the time when this whole financial structure of unsound money ends, the whole global landscape which includes a mass “correction” in human population is at hand. Click here: Global Debt And The Human Bubble.

World central banks have fostered, produced, and permitted to manifest a cancerous threat to every human being on this planet by inflating a financial debt bubble which is the biggest threat to human life bar none.

Furthermore, the day of reckoning could be here.

The debt commitments of not just Greece, but every developed nation on the planet can in no way be paid back nor can the debt be “forgiven.” The whole cancerous system demands that ever increasing amounts of debt consistently be borrowed into existence in larger and greater amounts. Without the flexibility to continually borrow, you have a crisis like we are witnessing in Greece right now. The problem here is contagion.

With the root trigger of the issue being debt, and the everlasting demanding of more debt which must be incorporated to fuel the monster, world central banks are powerless to stop a global catastrophe.

The world is now gazing into an economic abyss unlike anything ever witnessed in history, and a global economic meltdown absolutely epic in size.

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