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Nobody Wants To Be Speaker Of The House? Really?!!!

Written by JayWill7497

Only a fool, hero, caretaker (or some arrangement of all) would desire the position Boehner dearly expects to leave by month’s end, but can’t.

Newspaper reporter, broadcaster, taxi driver and mail carrier topped the list of worst jobs in 2015. But if this ranking drilled down on Washington D.C., one high-profile job would probably be a frontrunner for the No. 1 spot: House speaker.
Late last month, current Speaker John Boehner announced through tears that he would vacate the role at the end of October. And on Thursday, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who was the odds-on favorite to serve as the next speaker, withdrew his name from consideration.

It was a move that shocked his colleagues and even the Republicans running against him.
The election has now been postponed, and it’s unclear who will be the next leader of House Republicans.

Even Paul Ryan — the 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee who Boehner is personally courting to fill the vacuum and unite the party — says he has no interest.
But why? Here’s a little Washington secret: Being House speaker sucks.


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