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A Society Without Notes And Coins: World’s First Cashless Nation Is On Track In Sweden

Written by JayWill7497

The full emergence of a cashless society has been a approach long in the making and taking place on many fronts. We are at this time witnessing an variety of unique technology that is meant to make cash appear like an obsolete, awkward way to transact business. Why not pay by way of identity tech such as vein scanners, facial recognition, voiceprints, iris scans – even tears?

Purchases will just be so much safer and more effortless with your new Zwipe biometric credit card, they tell us.

At the same time, we are witnessing legal guidelines and internal banking plans that make it – or will make it – almost impossible to make use of cash unless you prefer to be investigated for money laundering or links to terrorism. We have begun to notice an growing agreement from central banks, lackey politicians and not surprisingly the United States IRS who are brazenly declaring a war on cash. So what will the new economic world look like?

Many nations have been at the forefront in the direction of a fully cashless society which includes Israel and India- both have a system presently set up to combine their populations. But it seems that it is Sweden that will get there initially.

Notwithstanding the paradox that Sweden is in fact the birthplace of the very first banknote circa 1661, the present day government has swiftly been moving to give up cash altogether. Citing the tried-and-true justification of a crackdown on organized crime and terrorism, Sweden is taking advantage of its highly tech-literate populace to become the very first nation to render their bank note useless.

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  • Going cashless is going to make us more traceable. I don’t think this is a good idea. When cashless they can see our every purchase and will control us in ways we never thought of. They already track us using the internet. I think bartering is a better idea as this does not make us as vulnerable to being so monitored. They track our buying habits so they can advertise to us already. Time to wake up. This is a bank and government deal.