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Watch: Huge Mob Of Half-Naked Angry Feminists Assault/Vandalize Men/Church Must See!!!

Written by JayWill7497


In a unsettling show of what can transpire when enough entitled, emotional, and deranged women join forces under a solitary Marxist agenda, a group of men was attacked and their church vandalized on October 11, 2015 by radical feminists declaring to fight the “oppressive patriarchy” enforced by Christianity. (scroll down for video)

The mob started as a general anti-patriarchy, pro-abortion rally along the streets of Mar Del Plata in Argentina. Feminists marched with banners and signs, 1 lady dressing up in a vagina outfit:


Nevertheless, it’s only so long before a sexually- distressed mob of delusional women devolves even further, unavoidably leading protesters right up to the entrance of “la catedral de Mar Del Plata”, or the Cathedral of Mar Del Plata, Argentina: (scroll down for video)


On the left hand side, you have the team of men linked arm-in-arm to safeguard their church against the mob of feminists on the right hand side.
Needless to say, no feminist exhibition is complete without batsh**- insane women presenting their nude physiques, because, you know, it’s unjust that men can walk around shirtless in public, but women can not (disregard the simple fact that men generally are not permitted to walk around with their penis and testicles hanging out):


Mentally- stunted feminists objectifying themselves

And as if to demonstrate that emotions, sexual- irritation, and delusional unsuspecting rebelliousness are an naturally dangerous collaboration, the mob rapidly becomes a violent hazard as they climb upon the gate-barrier distancing them from the tiny group of men and their church:


Finally, though, the gate is ripped off:


And last but not least, with all obstructions eradicated, and no men around to control these women’s conduct, the blind mob of feminists charge onward, and so begins a unsettling exhibit of what a world under their power could appear like:

View the Video of the Embarrassing Attack:

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