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ASNM – Lithium and the Experiment over Oregon & US Navy Offensive Biological Warfare

Written by JayWill7497

In January 2015, I started obtaining information by email, telephone and over Facebook of very precise signs from very precise locations under rather precise spraying activity throughout Oregon. From my knowledge, I immediately identified that the symptoms were being triggered, almost undoubtedly, by lithium intake. How can so many people be abruptly dosed up on lithium? And then it struck in Reedsport, a small town on the central coast of Oregon. I had no more skepticism. I published my findings on the numerous FB pages.

In immediate reaction to these articles, the 1st letter from the whistle blower showed up on January 30, 2015. I, at first, believed it was another letter of grievance from someone who believed I had the remedy to the horrors of Geoengineering. Rather, the letter is the genuine thing.

For 6 months, I highly regarded the danger this person, who utilizes the pseudonym Locke, was putting himself in and I was very subtle about who observed the letter. And I was very subtle in putting messages on the FB sites to verify to Locke that I was working on his message.

I utilized the letter as a teaching tool and it was very efficient. Either readers were entirely convinced of what is occurring in Oregon or they went into horrified disbelief.

The Geoengineering activists to whom I directed the letter practically always ignored it, disregarded it or instantly replied that they could not do anything about it. This was very aggravating up to the point I understood that the atrocity of Geoengineering, and these experiments, is on such a substantial scale that each of us is having difficulties battling in our own corner with very little communal assistance.

That being explained, I eventually directed the letter to Elana Freeland (author of Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth). She talked about that regardless of Locke’s fears for his family, he is anxious to get the information out to the mass media, social media and further. So shall it be.

A 2nd letter has appeared, which I will quote from. It was obtained by HH in Medford around the first of March. Locke communicates his letdown that the activists he had approached never replied.

Having basically the same non-response, I comprehend his disappointment. So, after much investigation to back up Locke’s disclosures, here is the relevant data from the whistle blower. His private data will continue to be private.

We can consider from his outstanding use of English and from his job description, that he is well educated in a science field, almost certainly a DSc or PhD, he is more than likely in his late 30’s or early 40’s, and is equally at home outdoors as in a laboratory.

His utilize of the name Locke signifies he knows American history. The original John Locke developed the idea of the social agreement and whole amounts of his writings were replicated into the US Constitution. Our Locke resides in central Oregon but travels the state substantially. He loved his work up until it was subsumed for what he is conveying.

Excerpt from Locke’s 1st letter:

“For example, I could have warned thousands of people of the ongoing (as of January 27th) spraying to manufacture air stagnation in the Rogue and Umpqua Valleys, as well as much of the Oregon Coast south of Florence.

The artificially induced period of air stagnation is part of a larger experiment testing the efficacy of psychoactive chemical dispersal from high altitudes. Currently, spraying is most intense along the coast itself and above inland valleys.

The stagnant air currents in the region allow for more direct application of psychoactive agents to test populations.

I have little formal contact with the chemistry department, but to my knowledge, Lithium is the primary substance being dispersed in the aforementioned experiment.

Given the psychoactive/social nature of the ongoing tests, my department is playing a secondary role collecting water and soil samples.

The Sociological Research Division however, has operatives throughout the region gathering a massive amount of data regarding the test population’s behavioral traits, like consumer habits, political engagement levels, and awareness of geoengineering programs.

I would urge you to inform your friends and peers of this fact, as avoiding observation by refusing to take surveys and engaging in similar actions that can disrupt this sordid research. “

Excerpt from Locke’s 2nd correspondence:

“These dispersal plumes contain lithium and other psychoactive compounds. The areas targeted as of March 1st are inland valleys and coastal towns south of Florence. Over the next two months, additional spraying operations will be conducted to increase targeting areas in the Portland metropolitan area.”

In both letters, he explains that he is …”an employee of a weather data collection company and, by proxy, a subcontractor for the National Weather Service office in (central Oregon). In my work for the aforementioned institutions, I collected data, e.g. soil samples, that were used to direct spraying operations for the last three years.”

Notice that – 3 YEARS.

He directed these correspondence due to the fact of his own family crises which …. “made me understand the purely natural evil of utilizing human beings and the natural environment as a laboratory. Ethical factors should never be ignored. Regrettably, they consistently are.”

What he states is part of the picture of what is occurring on a global scale: a complete deficiency of morality. Without compunction, these experimenters are equipped of killing subjects with side effects or by doing an LD (lethal dose experiment).

So in this article are the specifics: For 3 years, up until July 2015 the tiny towns on the south coast of Oregon: Reedsport, Bandon, Brookings as well as the Klamath Basin and Rogue Valley’s tiny towns are being utilized to test lithium and psychoactive compounds on a regular routine and have been utilized for such for the last 3 years. Soil samples are taken and social interviews performed, and one can suppose, medical records which are currently computerized, are watched.

In July 2015 I started obtaining studies from observers of symptoms other than from psychoactive compounds. The signs reveal an application of a pathogen (disease) component most likely linked with the use of specific electromagnetic frequencies. This has occurred before during the last 3 years when a round of extreme diarrhea was documented, almost completely in women and female dogs (October – November, 2014).

As of this month, September 2015, an additional phase in this program of direct experimentation has happened.

Up until now, they have had to produce a weather inversion or stagnant air inversion to utilize the lithium and psychoactive materials instantly onto one location. I observed the new technique of holding the lithium haze cloud in place first over the location in northern California where the enormous fires have hit.

Elana Freeland wondered if the numerous fine chemtrail lines were of aluminum or some other conductive metal that could work together with the lithium for military communications (C4 -command, control, communication, cyber warfare).

lithium 1

At first I did not understand what I was viewing: 100s of thin chemtrails throughout a lithium haze. Regardless of fairly high winds, the haze, with newly applied daily lines, stayed in one spot for days!!!!

On Monday, September 21st, right over Reedsport, there was a tiny square cloud that had been positioned there from a storm system up in Idaho. In spite of offshore winds and the normal breeze along the Umpqua River valley, that square cloud remained in place all day like a message seeking recognition.

lithium 2

The following day, Tuesday, September 22nd, which is when I go to the Coos Bay / North Bend, Oregon area, the Geoengineers hit full bore bathing the location in lithium and some sort of psychoactive compound. Let me clarify that I had thought of this kind of activity to be nearly impossible because of the terraine of this area. It is wide open with vast bays and rivers and the ocean to the west, and constantly strong offshore winds each and every afternoon. Yet, here was an noticeable haze application instantly and very low over the whole area and it was keeping in place. I was not the only person experiencing horrible and extreme indications.


When I got home, I captured the radar graphic. It was precisely the same method as was utilized over the fire zone in northern California.

Elana Freeland (author of Chemtrails, Haarp and the Total Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth) pondered if the multiple fine chemtrail lines of aluminum or some other conductive metal mingling with the lithium for military communications (C4 – command, control, communications, cyber warfare).

By that night, I was getting FB messages from Eugene, Portland and Vancouver,BC of instances of severe chest congestion, coughing, sinus pain, headaches, extreme muscle pain, lethagy. Information was also coming in of insane behavior and outrageous driving.

Locke was correct. The experiment over the small towns in Oregon appears to have been effective and is now being utilized all along the west coast of the U.S.

Undeniably the rest of the world will encounter the usage of this method very quickly.

This is a great deal more than global weather manipulation. The only reason such experimentation can occur devoid of massive uprisings is because of the detailed disinformation campaign and behavior programming we are exposed to. Anyone in the public health field should immediately see that the behaviours of these symptoms have no relationship to any known disease vector.

With any luck , this content will be the incitement to look into it and take steps.



Lithium (Li) is the softest of all metals and is an alkali metal. It is relatively inexpensive to mine as it is fairly common. Lithium, refined, is highly reactive and flammable. Lithium will ignite and burn in oxygen when exposed to water or water vapors. It is HIGHLY conductive of both heat and electricity, which is why it is used in batteries. This is why it is now being widely used in geoengineering, to increase electric conductivity, as a dessicant (drying agent) and to increase volatility in forest fires. Without any regard as to its extreme toxicity to living creatures.


First and foremost, lithium is an FDA PREGNANCY CATEGORY D drug which means, even in very small doses, it causes birth defects, most especially of the heart. Lithium also passes through breastmilk and will harm the baby.

Although the many websites which list the uses and warnings of lithium as a drug often divide the symptoms into COMMON SIDE EFFECTS and DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS, these effects are only gradations. The toxic dosage is small and each person is affected differently. For some individuals, even the smallest dose of lithium as a drug can be highly debilitating and some people react allergically. THERE IS NO ANTIDOTE FOR LITHIUM OVERDOSE OR ALLERGIC REACTION.

Here are all the side effects listed at once:

First and foremost – LETHARGY. You feel heavy and drugged.

THIRST. You can become quickly dehydrated especially if overheated. You crave salt.

STOMACH DISTRESS including both diarrhea and constipation.



TWITCHING of hands and head, sometimes of the whole body.

LOSS OF appetite. You can’t taste your food.



‘IMITATION’ GOITRE. Looks like thyroid malfunction but isn’t.



KIDNEY PAIN as the renal glands become dysfunctional.



Here are simply just 2 links……. to the symptoms of Lithium as a drug. There are many, many more. and

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