Incredible NEW Footage And Images Of Nibiru & Nemesis It’s Getting Closer Folks

Written by JayWill7497

In this months Informer News Special Report incredible images of Nibiru and its own dwarf star Nemesis also footage from the south pole telescope live feed showing 2 bright large objects one has a planet beside it could this be more proof nibiru and it own dwarf star are getting closer and bigger as they start to approach Earth plus more info exposing the infiltration of Earth by aliens from the Cosmos also the secret time travel program plus Iran confirms impact from a meteorite and was John Kerry the target of an assassination attempt as claims he was meeting ISIS leaders in France earlier this year, timeline sun Nov 1st 2015

The dark star and its planets are closer than you think. Weird weather, sharp increase in volcanic activity and a sharp rise in large earthquakes should give us a clue.

There is a great unrest of the population on this planet and banking systems are failing at alarming rates.

Money people in the major banking systems are committing suicide at alarming rates.

Crops are failing; animals, aquatic life, and birds are dying off at an alarming rate.

No problem.

Just continue to ignore the signs all around you.

Too much water here and there and no water here and there.

Maybe I’ll just go back to sleep and everything bad will just go away.

Do you have a plan??

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