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Hidden from the Public : Planet X and the Pyramids 2015

The strangest thing about these mystery is the unyielding presentation of propaganda onto a deliberately uninformed populace. The truth about Planet X and the Pyramids in Egypt have been hidden from the public.

Once we learn the facts about it, we find it impossible to accept the intimidating claims that a civilization—one step removed from the Stone Age—built this magnificent edifice.

Nibiru is a comet swarm, not a planet.

Mathematical projections (from Ice Cores) indicates that it will pass through the inner solar system by the end of 2017. Russian sources suggest by 2015.

ET alien sources suggest it will threaten Earth ~(and maybe a few months thereafter).

Some of these meteorites have already struck (Sep. to Nov. 2015).

The meteors appear to be devoid of volatiles and may became noticeable only if they are close enough to be heated by the Sun’s heliosphere.

The main threat could be detected Aug. 2015. This threat, coming DURING 2017 (with all its hype), has been hidden from us in plain sight.

Should even a modest impact (or massive atmospheric explosions) occur, civilization could collapse.

There could be global weather changes.

Earth could even be return to Ice Age conditions – and mass starvation would follow.

Tsunamis, floods, gigantic mud slides and meteorite falls igniting fires over wide areas could occur.

Continents could slightly move and magnetic poles could change magnitude and/or even re-align.

World governments may be aware of this impact threat. International (UN like) and world actions, unusual activity in the financial sector, energy sector and military (Martial Law) sector might be expected prior to this threat.

Massive population relocation to hospitable climates could be required provoking major wars for survival.

Russian, a country most affected, could be preparing, but not alarming, its citizens through its NEWS media by reporting these possibilities, but including the inaccurate ‘Nibiru is a planet’ concept (to lessoning potentially alarming scientific verification of this threat).

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