How To Survive When A Doctor Can’t Be Reached

When you get a bad injury, the usual advice is to call 911. But what if there is no 911? What if you’re in another Hurricane Katrina, a terrorist attack or the aftermath of a tornado? The phone lines are down; the roads are blocked. You are the only help available.

Most people wouldn’t survive a bad wound without expert help. But with the right knowledge, you and your family can—even with the most basic makeshift supplies.

Dr. Hubbard becomes your digital medical assistant in this guide to what to do when you’re wounded and there’s no doctor to be found.

With the U.S. the greatest debtor nation on earth,

Americans are hurting or drowning in debt as hopelessly contained collateral damage from a swiftly sinking, overextended Empire eager to remain the sole global superpower even if it means death to the whole human race.

At home the hapless American population has become more and more the target of its own government’s tyranny and oppression under the continuous roving eyeball of criminal surveillance and a raw militarized security state, leaving its citizens defenseless without any security, liberty, freedom or place to hide.

After centuries of thoroughly orchestrated design, oligarchs of the banking cabal have ultimately gotten what they’ve been plotting and scheming, globally enforced austerity and impoverishment reducing life in America and around the globe to near Third World condition, and absolute control.

The oligarchs are depending on a dumbed down population too busy addicted to their video games or watching sports or Kim Kardashian’s latest wardrobe malfunction to even see that a longtime oligarch eugenics strategy is already well underway.

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