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Paranormal Encounters – Does the Soul Exist?

Paranormal has many facets and reincarnation is just one!

Religious people will kill you, if you say that reincarnation is real, because they love Jesus and Jesus wants you dead!

At least that’s what I have perceived from the psychotics, I mean the religious nuts, I mean religious people!

Do souls exist?
Buddhism says that each one of us has an immortal, indestructible soul or spirit.
One argument for the existence of the soul is the question of identity.

Who am I? Every time I say “I” I am referring to my soul, not my physical body. Every time I say “you” I am referring to your soul, not your physical body.

If, due to an accident, I have my legs amputated, I continue to be me, I don’t become a different person.

If I lose my arms, I am still me. If all my organs are transplanted and replaced I am still me.

No matter how much my body changes, I am still me. Because when I say “I” I am referring to my soul, not my body.

The cells of the body are replaced naturally by metabolism.

After 7 years your body is completely different from the body 7 years ago.

But in spite of having a different body you are still the same person, you don’t acquire a different identity just because your body is different.

Because “you” are not your body, “you” are your soul.

If you became a different person you would lose your driver’s license because now it would belong to a different person.

Your driver’s license belongs to you no matter how much your body changes.

Your driver’s license still belongs to you even if you have amnesia.

Because your driver’s license belongs to your soul. Your soul is the only thing that identifies you.


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