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After This There Is No Turning Back: Ex Naval Officer Outlines Key Events Up Until 2018

Written by JayWill7497

Ex Naval Officer Outlines key events leading up until 2018 including a third world war, China’s failed nuclear attack backfires…Earth 2…also, the physics of wormholes, ET contacts over the history of Earth, the negative ETs, and more.

He recounts how these episodes opened up his receptivity to the visions and visitations—i’m including a visitation by Jesus Christ; and his ongoing “channel” with Pleiadian and Arcturians, who are part of a seven nation confederation which is preparing mankind for disclosure and ultimately what could be termed ascension.

2017 timeline

The European Union has been expanded
Worsening crisis in Yemen
China establishes the largest megacity in the world
The world’s first kilometre-high skyscraper
A new tallest building for Los Angeles
The world’s first Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) platform begins operations
The Nabucco gas pipeline is completed
India completes construction of the Dibang Dam
The M1A3 Abrams tank enters the battlefield
The remaining JFK files are released
Total solar eclipse in the US
China launches an unmanned sample return mission to the Moon
The first test flight of NASA’s Space Launch System
The first manned flight of the Dream Chaser
Launch of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS)
The Cheops satellite is deployed to study exoplanets
The world’s first lunar tourist
Sales of electric and hybrid trucks reach 100,000 annually
10 nanometre chips enter mass production
Web-connected video devices exceed the global population

Electronic paper is seeing widespread use
Traditional newspapers are becoming obsolete
Tooth regeneration is transforming dental care
Cosmetic surgery has doubled its market size
Wireless, implantable devices that monitor a range of health conditions in real time
The world’s first HIV vaccine is commercially available
A new treatment for prostate cancer
BioCassava Plus receives regulatory approval
The world’s largest mud volcano stops erupting

2018 timeline

A missile defence shield is deployed in Europe
The first private supersonic jet
The African Central Bank is established
East Africa’s largest ever infrastructure project
South Korean city Pyeongchang hosts the Winter Olympics
Russia hosts the FIFA World Cup
The James Webb Space Telescope is launched
Japan lunar rover mission
The Japanese Hayabusa-2 probe arrives at 1999 JU3
Completion of the 100,000 Genomes Project
Universal flu vaccine
Polio has been eradicated
A drug to prevent obesity
Crossrail opens in London
The Transbay Transit Center is completed in San Francisco
Many complex surgeries are performed by robots
Robot insect drones are in military use
Enterprise-grade SSDs reach 128TB of capacity
Consumer devices with 100 Gbit/s transfer speeds
Portable, long-range 3D scanning
Scientists drill into Earth’s mantle
The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline is completed in Canada
The market for biofuels is experiencing a period of rapid growth
The last of Nigeria’s rainforests have been felled

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