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WATCH LIVE: As Mysterious Unexplained UFO Comes Barreling Towards Earth Today Friday 13th

The Slooh Telescope YouTube channel is broadcasting an event to correlate with the appearance of the mystery Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) named WT1190F before it ends its passage somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Mystery space junk WTF can be seen here ringed in satellite image

Mystery space junk WTF can be seen here ringed in satellite image

The Slooh crew will also talk about the growing threat of space junk orbiting Earth as the volume of objects that crash back down rises.

A Slooh spokesman stated:

“While there is no way to know exactly what the object is, scientists at the European Space Agency believe it is a piece of a rocket body falling back to Earth.

“Friday the 13th is going to be a lucky one for some scientists hoping to study the effects of our atmosphere on space junk.

“An object of unknown origin is expected to crash through the atmosphere and into the waters off the coast of Sri Lanka early Friday morning, and Slooh hope to have the first observations LIVE.

“Space junk falls from the sky pretty frequently, but this piece offers scientists a unique opportunity to observe and understand how the atmosphere interacts with them.

“Slooh will host a special broadcast taking a look at the first images of the object captured as it enters the atmosphere, and discussing what these objects are, how and why we track them, what kind of risk they pose to people on Earth and up in the International Space Station, and how this crash can help us better predict future impacts.”

The impact comes just two weeks after the Potentially Hazardous Asteroid 2015 TB145, or “Spooky”, buzzed past Earth on Halloween.
The broadcasted object is placed to enter our atmosphere at about 6.40am GMT tomorrow, but the broadcast commences at 1pm (GMT) on Friday so click on this story then to view it.

WTF Space Junk Crash Landing On Friday The 13th

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