Ever Wonder What Martial Law Looks Like? Martial Law Now Underway In Paris LIVE FEED

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There have been six shooting occurrences in Paris in what seems to be a co-ordinated attack.

At least two terrorists took 100 people hostage in a arena where a music concert was being performed, with information indicating they were arbitrarily killing innocent folks.

Five explosions were heard when law enforcement stormed the site. Two terrorists were killed in the assault, and authorities have taken control of the hall.

Shooting has also been announced in les Halles in the centre of Paris, and in a restaurant by Bastille in rue de Charonne, with “many dead”, which includes children, in accordance to eyewitnesses.

Futher events have been reported at Le Pompidou and Louvre.

the threat is coming from the radicalization of young people and foreign fighters venturing to Iraq and Syria to be a part of terror groups.

They’re very good at communicating through separate avenues where it’s very difficult to track, That’s why when you get a young person who is willing to get into these chat rooms, go on the Internet and get radicalized, it’s something we are not only unprepared [for], France is not used to it in their country.

A number of Americans across the U.S. have been arrested and charged lately with being ISIS sympathizers and attempting to join the terror group. We are having a tough time tracking terrorist cells within the United States.

It’s just tough to secure those types of areas if you have someone who wants to blow themselves up or open fire or other threats of that nature and we just don’t know or can track all of the bad guys that are out there today,

Police at the scene following a shooting by a man with Kalashnikov near Place de la République in Paris

The U.S. has been executing airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against ISIS.

The Iraqi military, which was outfitted and trained by the United States, has fought to recover from its collapse a year ago when ISIS militants captured the country’s second largest city, Mosul, and swept over much of northern and western Iraq. Iraqi commanders fled, pleas for more ammunition went unanswered, and in some cases soldiers removed their uniforms and ran.

The U.S. is again training Iraqi forces and executing airstrikes in both Iraq and Syria.

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