WWIII – Syria, Russia & Iran – The New Equation

Written by JayWill7497

For now it is limited, until it becomes a regional war.

Russia would have to send more forces to the Middle East or risk losing everything there.

Right now, there aren’t any lies good enough to demand U.S. troops on the ground in Syria. But as luck ( LOL!) would have it..BOOM!!!:

U.S. To Deploy Ground Troops To Syria

And now ISIS pulls this kinda crap out of there anal cavities;

“They Shot Right Into the Crowd, Shouting Allah Akbar “ Hollande Holds Islamic State Responsible for ‘Act Of War’

Ever Wonder What Martial Law Looks Like? Martial Law Now Underway In Paris Live Feed

They are bloodthirsty mercenaries, and they will fight for whoever pays the most, as Putin said.

This isn’t over by far.

You have Russia, China, Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah on one side. On the other side you have NATO.

Both sides are competing for control of the Middle East.

Russia knows exactly who is supporting ISIS and other extremist groups.

NATO isn’t going to stop funding terrorists until the Russian side is out.

Russia will not remain tolerant forever. It is getting more and more dangerous over there. This is a proxy war against Russia, and it has only just started.

As for those people declaring the “New World Order is finished” simply because Russia has done a few airstrikes in support of Assad are really pushing the boundaries of wishful thinking.

Even if ISIS was destroyed, the West and Israel still remain the most powerful force on earth with an unlimited supply of money to create another Frankenstein crisis tomorrow under a different pretext.

Russia does not have the power nor the will nor the principled leadership to overturn the power structures of the West or of Israel.

Putin just wants a seat at the bargaining table to secure his own personal, financial and political interests. There are no messiahs in politics, so stop looking for one!”

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