China to Launch War On ISIS President Xi Vows To Battle Jihadis After Paris Attacks

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CHINA could join Russia in the fight against Islamic State after the terror group brutally murdered 129 people in Paris.

President Xi Jinping promised to step up the attack in the wake of the “barbaric” strikes by militants connected to ISIS on Friday night.

He made the commentary during a phone call with Francois Hollande, the French president, as outlined by Chinese media reports.

President Xi is also thought to have supplied “deep condolences” to Mr Hollande in the course of their conversation yesterday.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei stated: “Terrorism is a common challenge facing humanity.

“China resolutely supports France in maintaining its national security and stability and in attacking terrorism.”

And Li Keqiang, the Chinese Premier, stated “strong outrage and condemnation” over the strikes.

Paris attacks

Eiffel Tower

No Chinese nationals are among the suckers recognized so far by French government bodies.

But the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) stated around 1,300 Chinese tourists were in Paris on Friday.

A spokesman for the CNTA advised its bureau to follow the developments in the French capital carefully.

President Xi

Xi’s commentary have led to conjecture that China is fixed to bomb the terrorists to oblivion in Iraq and Syria.

Russia has apparently killed hundreds of followers since Vladimir Putin instructed airstrikes against ISIS in September.

The terror group’s arms components are also claimed to have been cut off by unremitting Russian bomber jets.

Washington and its allies have proposed Russia is seeking to prop up Bashar al-Assad’s regime rather than eliminate ISIS.

But Putin lately hit back, stating his country wants to “contribute to the fight against terrorism”.

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