Islamic State Video Declares Russia is Next! Airstrikes Carried Out By Russia Has Pinned A Bulls-eye On Their Backs

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“Soon, very soon, the blood will spill like an ocean,” ISIS threatens in revenge for airstrikes on its fighters in Syria.

Islamic State Video Claims Russia is Next!

We have had the ridiculous concept that the Muslims in the Middle East would never have the ability to take the world. They were backward and uneducated when compared to the West. The concept that camel herders would push against Western backed nations was laughable. But currently, four years after the civil war in Syria and the rise of ISIS, few are laughing any longer.

A short while ago, Russia joined the fight in Syria. This has drawn judgments from NATO leaders, and particularly the U.S. They have maintained that the Russians were attacking U.S. allies fighting the Syrian dictator Assad rather than ISIS as they had stated. But today, this appears less likely to be true.

Fox reports:

The latest video from ISIS combines the terrorist group’s trademark barbarity with an ambitious pledge: a vow that it is coming after the Kremlin.

“We will take through battle the lands of yours we wish,” a voice says in Russian, as English subtitles float over scenes of slaughter and a map of the world. “Hellfire awaits you. Europe is shaking, Russia is dying.”

Vowing that the “Kremlin will be ours” and promising attacks on Europe, the 5-minute video’s producers pledge to “make blood spill like an ocean.”

It looks obvious that the Islamic State is unhappy with the the latest airstrikes carried out by Russia.

Though the U.S. has stated that they were not attacks against the Islamic State, it looks that something that the Russians have executed has caught the eye of the terrorists.

Fox continued:

“The video is a clear threat to Russia, and to a certain extent to other Western countries,” said Veryan Khan, editorial director for the U.S.-based Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium. “The Islamic State claims they will reach the Kremlin and bring it down.”

The video is noteworthy; analysts say, because it was released just after an Islamic State affiliate took credit for the Russian airliner plane crash in the Sinai Peninsula, and in the same week there was a reported attack on the Russian Embassy in Serbia.

This indicates that the Russian folks will join their Western neighbors in interacting with arbitrary attacks. There are many explanations to think that the Russian menace is a real one.

The bringing down of a passenger-liner is not as simple as it sounds. And, like most nations, the Russians have a huge population of Muslims.

Fox reports:

Ryan Mauro, national security analyst and adjunct professor of homeland security for the Clarion Project, agreed that the propaganda video was put together as a response to Russian intervention in Syria. Russia should expect the terror group to follow through, he said.

“ISIS is making it very clear that it will attack Russia, specifically Moscow, and a failure to do so will be a big blow to their prestige,” Mauro said. “We should assume they’ll succeed because bombing a Russian airliner over Egypt is more difficult than attacking a random target inside Russia because ISIS only needs a small group of supporters among the 15 percent of the Russian population that is Muslim.”

Russia could currently have proof that they have induced destruction on ISIS, but at what cost? They currently discover themselves in the boat with the rest of us.

The variation is, the Russians will have no argument about playing things dirty.

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