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CIA Director: Paris Attack Likely Not the Only Operation ‘In the Pipeline’

Written by JayWill7497

At the Center for Strategic and International Studies Global Security Forum Monday, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John O. Brennan said he doesn’t think the Nov. 13 terrorist attack in Paris was the only Islamic State attack “in the pipeline.”

“I certainly would not consider it a one-off event,” Brennan said. “It is clear to me that ISIS has an external agenda, that they are determined to carry out these types of attacks … it’s not just Europe. I think we here in the United States also have to be quite vigilant.”


Brennan also acknowledged the danger of diminishing civil liberties too much, in the quest of security. He also seemed to present some cover for continuing President Obama’s plan of important tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States, in spite of increasing issues that the migrants present an unacceptable security threat.

“We don’t want these terrorists to succeed in taking away the liberties we pride ourselves on. We should be wary, but we don’t want to hermetically seal our borders. That is inconsistent with what our societies have been founded on,” stated Brennan, as quoted by Business Insider.



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