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The “Trojan Horse” And Donald Trump Syrian Refugees And A “Safe Space”

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Donald J. Trump raised the possibility of creating a "safe zone" in Syria during a campaign stop in Knoxville, Tenn., on Monday.

Donald J. Trump inquired whether or not Syrian refugees are component of a “Trojan horse” conspiracy, proposed purchasing land in Syria to develop a “safe space” and stated that in 2000 he could “feel” that terrorists were going to attack in the United States, as he rallied a massive crowd of supporters in Tennessee on Monday night.

Mr. Trump boasted to the audience that in his book, “The America We Deserve,” written and published in 2000 as he was contemplating a presidential run that he eventually opted against, he foretold that Osama bin Laden would manufacture a terrorist strike within the United States.

“I predicted Osama bin Laden,” Mr. Trump announced in Knoxville, incorporating, “In my book, I predicted terrorism. Because I can feel it, like I feel a good location, O.K.?”

“In real estate – my father always used to tell people, ‘You know, he may be my son, but everything he touches turns to gold,’” Mr. Trump explained. His father assisted him start his real estate career with a loan. “When my father said that, that was a great compliment because he was a tough cookie. He stated, ‘He has an instinct for location.’ You have an instinct about things. I really believe I have an instinct for this kind of thing.”

Mr. Trump continues to be leading most national polls in the Republican presidential competition, but he is dealing with a essentially modified landscape. With the Iowa caucuses less than three months away, focus has been altered to national security in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris last week. While the Republican electorate until now has preferred political outsiders like Mr. Trump and Ben Carson, the issues over terrorism and the introduction of refugees from Syria into the United States could transform things.

Mr. Trump additionally one more time employed an epithet to illustrate how quickly and vigorously he would bomb the Islamic State strongholds, a line he first uttered in Iowa a week ago. It was met with marginally less gusto there.



Mr. Trump on Monday denounced the “animals” who perpetrated the assaults in France. He inquired why so many of the refugees fleeing into Europe are males, who are not “back fighting for their country.”

“Is this a Trojan horse?” he stated. “We all know the story of the Trojan horse.”

Mr. Trump explained he would just like to “build a safe zone in Syria, build a big, beautiful safe zone, and you have whatever it is, so they can live.” He could get such a bargain with his real estate background for a “swatch” of land, he stated.

The crowd frequently cheered for Mr. Trump and waved signs supporting his mantra, “Make America Great Again.”



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