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Two Infamous Whistleblowers Totally Destroy Pentagon’s “War On Terror”

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Pentagon pledges to send more boots on the ground in Syria, if it finds capable and motivated groups willing to find ISIL.

The US’ “war on terror” is a hidden geopolitical project carried out under a bogus counter-terrorism plan, Canadian author Professor Michel Chossudovsky thinks.

Reported by the renowned Canadian economist and author Michel Chossudovsky, Washington’s widely-discussed “war on terror” is nothing less than a sequence of military and covert intelligence operations being undertaken at the same time on various geographic locations.

“Major military and covert intelligence operations are being undertaken simultaneously in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia and the Far East. The US military agenda combines both major theater operations as well as covert actions geared towards destabilizing sovereign states,” Professor Chossudovsky writes in his article for Global Research.

The Canadian author discussed that the operations are executed by the Western military alliance, while all the actions are synchronized “at the highest level of the military hierarchy.”
To show you his perspectives, the Canadian author calls focus to the fact that the US-backed military activities in Ukraine match with the “onslaught of the attack” on Gaza, Syria and Iraq.
The Western alliance is waging a hybrid warfare which incorporates military attacks, economic sanctions and planned acts of destabilization of the financial and currency markets.
As a effect of this “economic conquest”, powerful foreign investors are taking over “national economies” globally.

“The Global War on Terrorism has become a consensus. It is part of war propaganda. It is also used by Western governments to justify and implement ‘anti-terrorist’ legislation. It is the cornerstone of the West’s demonization campaign directed against Muslims. It should also be understood that the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ supports a process of ‘economic conquest,’ whereby countries forego their sovereignty,” the professor explains, adding that the campaign against the Islamic State is in fact a smokescreen used by Washington and its NATO allies to maintain control over the Middle East and North Africa.

Washington’s anti-ISIL air campaign has unsurprisingly turned out worthless. Obama’s critics have consistently criticized the US president for his inconsistent strategy in the Middle East.

Why was the Pentagon unable to remove the Islamic State?

The solution is evident, Chossudovsky notes: “from the very outset, this air campaign has NOT been directed against ISIS [ISIL].”

“The air raids are intended to destroy the economic infrastructure of Iraq and Syria,” the professor publishes.

As outlined by the Canadian academic, the ISIL caliphate project may very well be a component of Washington’s longstanding foreign policy approach to split Iraq and Syria into a Sunni Islamist caliphate, an Arab Shiite Republic and a Republic of Kurdistan.

To be able to achieve this undertaking, the US-backed extremists are destabilizing Middle Eastern sovereign states by producing factional divisions within the countries.

Astonishingly, although the US State Department has released an official prohibition in opposition to supplying material support and financial assistance to al-Qaeda affiliates, it persists to turn a blind eye to the flow of revenue and resources to ISIL and al-Nusra from private Gulf and Turkish donors.

It’s not the first time Washington has helped Islamists, the Canadian academic says, making reference to the US support to the radical Islamist guerrillas in Afghanistan in the 1980s, which triggered the emergence of the Taliban and Osama bin Laden.

“The ISIS brigades were involved in the US-NATO supported insurgency in Syria directed against the government of Bashar al-Assad. NATO and the Turkish High Command were responsible for the recruitment of ISIL and al-Nusra mercenaries from the outset of the Syrian insurgency in March 2011,” Professor Chossudovsky implies.

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