Mali: Deathtoll Rises In Hotel Hostage Crisis, Shooting Ongoing As Army Engages Gunmen


• 27 bodies found in terror attack hotel in Mali’s capital
• All remaining hostages freed
• Al-Qaeda affiliated group claims responsibility
• Third unidentified body of terrorist found in Paris raid flat
• Eighth suspected terrorist still on the loose
• Summary of events In Europe so far this morning

Mali: the deathtoll rises in hotel hostage situation. 7 people including 4 soldiers have been killed. Gunmen have also taken a number of hostages, including unconfirmed reports that shooting ongoing that the group includes Ukrainian soldiers.





The hotel hostage crisis in Mali took place 2,600 miles from Paris but the former French colony has already been targeted by terrorists angry at France for its campaigns against Islamic militant groups including ISIS.

France still has troops in the African state after it launched a military operations against Islamic extremists in the north of the country in 2013.

Alex Kassirer, of terrorism analysts Flashpoint Intelligence, said there was chatter indicating that an al Qaeda-affiliated group in Mali, Al-Murabitoune, has claimed credit for storming the hotel but there has been no official declaration of responsibility.

It comes just days after the Iyad Ag Ghaly, the leader of another al Qaeda-linked militant group Ansar Dine, called for attacks on France and its interests in Mali.

It also comes less than one week after the French government declared it was “at war” with terrorism in the wake of the Paris massacre.

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