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Who Said Chelsea Clinton Was Webb Hubbell’s Love Child?


It has never ever been proven. It’s news, but the claims has accompanied Chelsea Clinton around her whole life.

Chelsea Victoria Clinton was born on February 27, 1980. Considering that before she was given birth to rumours swirled around her family’s extracurricular activities. Chelsea’s supposed father, Bill Clinton, happened to be largely recognized in his home state of Arkansas to be a womanizer and serial cheater on his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And, briefly after her birth, political elite gossips around Arkansas speculated that Bill Clinton was not Chelsea Clinton’s biological father. The first person the rumors fingered was Vince Foster. Vincent Walker “Vince” Foster, Jr. was a partner at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. Foster was a key player in hiring and promoting Hillary Rodham Clinton inside of the firm.

Foster’s connection with Hillary Rodham Clinton was so tight that she saw to it that he was appointmented as a Deputy White House Counsel while in the first few months of her husband, Bill Clinton’s, administration. Misconceptions about Chelsea’s paternity had been effectively squashed during the first Clinton Dynasty Presidential Campaign.

Nevertheless, when Vince Foster turned up dead, from a intended suicide, the rumor mill went into turbo overdrive. It was really hard for the tongue wagers in Washington, D.C. to keep silent. And, even then there were a great deal of ghosts in the Clinton Closet. Had Vince Foster been murdered to hush-up inquiries about Chelsea’s paternity?

Yet, as Chelsea got older, those near the Clintons merely could not believe their eyes. With each passing day, a ageing Chelsea appeared, to some, more and more like close Hillary Rodham Clinton confidant and beloved friend Webb Hubbell. Webter Lee “Webb” Hubbell was likewise a partner in the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock and came to Washington, D.C. with the Clinton Machine. As a Clinton Insider, he was hired Associate Attorney General, the third highest ranking job in the Department of Justice.

In October 2015, Roger Stone and Robert Morrow posted The Clintons’ War on Women. In the book, the writers name Webb Hubbell as Chelsea Clinton’s biological father. No one has officially debated their claim.



The truth is, when Chelsea Clinton supposedly started to utilize more control in the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, some claimed it was this piece of blackmail that she was holding over not only her “father” (Bill), but likewise over her Presidential hopeful mother. If that is the situation and Chelsea Clinton does have this element of information to utilize as blackmail, she would be a excellent target for Foreign Government Operatives seeking to gain power over the Clinton Dynasty. There is plenty at stake in the blackmail game in Washington, D.C. and evidence of a long term paternity cover-up undoubtedly would be of great political importance.




Chelsea Clinton brags that she started out campaigning for her parents at age two. In what quite a few would call a shameless political publicity trick to display a real, “family,” Chelsea’s parents, Bill and Hillary, trawled youngster Chelsea around Arkansas even while her father ran for Governor.

Loaded with political campaigns, Chelsea figured clearly when her father ran for President of the United States. Pictures of the painfully clumsy “tween” attempting to achieve support for her well-known womanizing father during his Presidential campaigns, still float around the internet. Nevertheless, that is the only life Chelsea Clinton has understood.

Therefore, once again, in 2007 and 2008 she was brought foward for her mother’s first failed try to win the Democratic Presidential Nomination bid. Chelsea’s instruction then, as it is currently, is to win the “Millennial Vote.”

And in Spring 2015, the fashion and “beauty” stalking publication ELLE Magazine accompanied the liberal far-left lead of infamous Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour in positioning Democrats on the magazines front cover. ELLE Magazine Editor-in-Chief Robbie Meyers desired to give respect to the Clinton Dynasty by placing Chelsea Clinton on the cover of the May issue. This issue was timed exactly to correlate with her mother’s statement that she was running for the Office of President of the United States.

And what did Chelsea, a “woman of the people”, dress in for the duration of her photo shoot?

• Derek Lam Blouse
• Stella McCartney Trousers
• Bulgari Necklace
• Tiffany & Co. Bracelets
• Trollbeads Bangle
• Garland Collection Ring
• Halleh Ring
• Brian Atwood Pumps
• Gucci Dress
• Mateo New York Bracelet
• Garland Collection Ring
• Halleh Ring
• Cartier Bracelet

One can scarcely comprehend what the meaning was supposed to be to the poor, impoverished women and children for which Chelsea states to champion. Think about if ELLE Magazine had only displayed Chelsea prancing around the third world African, Latin American and Asian women in those spiffy duds, the merged costs running over $100,000.

Twitter did flutter with activity regarding the ostensibly unusual and incongruent message within the shining magazine spread. Was Chelsea a Capitalist Fashionista or a Caring Socialist Humanitarian?

And in the name of pimping for her Mother’s political ambitions, Chelsea has carried on the role to the next generation. Chelsea Clinton has brought her own toddler child, Charlotte, into the Clinton Dynasty. Hillary’s “grandmotherly” abilities are often bragged about to the groveling left wing media by the Hillary Campaign. So on goes the “born into campaigning” of next generation of the Clinton Empire.


On October 22, 2015 U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio), while in the currently infamous House Select Committee on Benghazi hearing, exposed to the world the degree of Hillary Clinton’s use of her only daughter as a confidant and trusted keeper of her fabrications. It was exposed that Hillary Rodham Clinton routed a message to her daughter from a private email account, hosted on a private server, relating to Top Secret U.S. Government affairs about attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

The email, dated September 11, 2012, revealed Hillary Clinton confiding in her daughter about the Benghazi, Libya attacks, which witnessed four Americans, one of whom was an Ambassador, killed.

Hillary Clinton shared with her daughter, Chelsea, that the attacks were by an al-Qaida-like group and were terrorist attacks. Hillary Clinton would then go on record to assert to the American people that the attacks were a impromptu reaction to a online video published on YouTube. Obviously, Hillary relied on her daughter to keep not only the secret, but the fabrication which was being shared with to the American men and women.

Yet, numerous hardened Clinton observers know this is only one example of how Chelsea Clinton, the Heiress of the Clinton Empire, has develop into an priceless confidant and henchman in her Mother’s War Chest. In 2015, Politico Magazine posted a article entitled, Chelsea’s Invisible Hand, an inside report on the shadowy role of Hillary’s most important adviser. “Shadowy” is not a expression left wing reporters at Politico use very carefully when talking about the Clinton Monarchy.

The report demonstrates that the problem is only somewhat about Chelsea being such a close confidant and keeper of Hillary’s numerous fabrications and secrets. Furthermore, it is about the “quacking in their boots” panic that strikes the spirits of many in Washington, D.C. that should the petulant, short-tempered, and obnoxiously entitled Chelsea Clinton come back to the White House. Her “special status” as part of the Clinton Royalty Entourage has earned her powers few even on Earth could consider.

In 2013, when the Clinton Foundation was renamed to include Chelsea’s name (few understand that previous to this time frame it had just been just the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation), Chelsea started a hunting spree and cleaned house of virtually all the top Clinton minions she did not like. She was so callous, that some have been rumored to be the leakers or sources driving some of the most current Clinton Scandals revelations.

Vengeance for Chelsea’s cruel and mean-spirited conduct utilizing her special insider position could jeopardize the Hillary Rodham Clinton bid for the White House. Many in Washington are reported to be actively in the hunt for ways to keep not just Hillary, but in some ways equally as important, Chelsea, out of the White House.


In 1997, soon after Chelsea Clinton graduated from the elite Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., the White House Press Office released a statement that Chelsea Clinton was one of only 15,000 students in the United States to meet the criteria as a National Merit Semifinalist. And, depending on this honor and her “brilliant” grades in her exceptional high school, she would be present at one of the most esteemed universities in the United States, Stanford University.

Sadly for Chelsea Clinton, and usual of the Clinton Empire, there were not a great deal of facts released to back-up all the statements of Chelsea’s academic prowess. In what was generously detailed in the “Pre-Kardashian Days” as merely Meritocracy, Chelsea Clinton guided the way for today’s “Hereditary Celebrity Class.” Her meritocracy background lives as the current first daughters, Sasha and Malia, likewise attend Sidwell Friends School, which currently costs $37,750 a year to go to.

However, back in 1997, the Clinton Empire witnessed that Chelsea was one of the 2,604, out of the 16,844 applications approved for admission to Stanford University that year. While many hardworking and worthy Americans anticipated to be the one in 6 presented admission, they had to agree to and bow to the Clinton Heir, Chelsea. And, while there is concern as to how frequently grades were blown up at the Sidwell Friends School to assuage the revered Democrat Presidential parents, many young people Chelsea’s age in 1997 experienced the deep cut of her privilege.

When inquired how she got into Stanford, one college age student stated of Chelsea Clinton, “it was a cold day in february. (sic) My mom gave birth to me. 13 years later, my dad became president.” His statements summed up how many college applicants were feeling in 1997. The Clinton Empire saw its heir’s journey smoothed in front of her.

In what could be observed as eerie foreshadowing of the “Clinton Email Scandals” yet to come, then President Clinton went on record to express that the following in reference to Chelsea’s choice to move 3,000 miles away from home, “Planes run out there and phones work out there. E-mail works out there, so we’ll be all right.” This fact specifically was odd for Bill Clinton who would for decades retain he never routed an email.

In a testament to the expanding “Celebrity Hereditary Class” Chelsea Clinton set the precedent of the supposition that those who have celebrity standing can basically jump to the head of the line. This has turn out to be obviously correct in academia, thanks in part to the questions which started out swirling around Chelsea Clinton’s genuine academic merits. In recent years, legitimate academic institutions have began to “hide” famous children who do well on their own merits.

The truth is, in 2013, when the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher, passed away; practically the entire United States was stunned to find out that her granddaughter, Amanda Thatcher, was a student at a exceptionally selective private university in Virginia. Undoubtedly, the Meritocracy which has taken our nation has resulted in those with true merits, being forced to hide, as an alternative to flashing their bogus favoritism in the limelight.


As many in Chelsea Clinton’s generation tried to set siege to the nation and “Occupy Wall Street” in 2011, Chelsea Clinton, on the other hand, bargained to become a employee of NBC News at an annual salary of $600,000.

Destined by her parents to utilize political power to its full benefit, Chelsea Clinton arranged to become a “Special Correspondent” for NBC News for what amounted to $50,000 a month. A hefty sum for a Millennial who was then just 31 years old.

Not really astonishing, Chelsea worked at NBC News with the currently discredited and serial liar of the truth, Brian Williams. Her work, on NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams” was not viewed by many journalists as having any worth. Her seminal piece of work seems to have come in 2013, in a piece where, on assignment for NBC News, Chelsea Clinton interviewed the computer animated cartoon character of Geico Gecko. Throughout the interview, which the Baltimore Sun facetiously labeled, “another great moment in journalism…” Chelsea Clinton asked the computer animated personality questions as if she was undertaking an in-depth interview with a World Leader.

In apparent fear of the “Clinton Machine” many journalists took to anonymously publishing on public forums their astonishment and mortification at someone with unquestionably no journalistic background, being compensated $600,000 annually to interview a cartoon character. But, that was just Chelsea’s entitlement extortion warm-up act.

By 2015, she commanded to be paid a $65,000 an hour speaking expense. Most young people born in 1980, who went to college just like Chelsea Clinton, have an average student loan debt of over $30,000. But for the privileged-by-birth Chelsea Clinton, with barely any credentials other than her parent’s tremendous political machine, those considering to have her as a speaker must fork over no less than $1,083 a minute.

Plus, in astonishing exhibit of the blind devotion commanded by the Clinton Machine, not one single left wing, liberal Millennial has been vocal about this elitism. While thousands of of her generation live in panic they will never be in a position to get a fair paying job, much less a home, Chelsea Clinton has a personal net worth of over $15 million and resides lavishly in a $10.5 million luxury apartment in Manhattan. Chelsea Clinton genuinely is 1%er, a item of the broad Clinton Political Empire.


Did you at any time ask yourself who that allusive “Nigerian Prince” is who might possibly be transmitting you those emails looking for revenue? Look no farther than the Clinton Family Tree.

As the saying goes, you can choose your friends, but you can not choose your family. Bill and Hillary Clinton learned this wisdom the hard way when Chelsea Clinton made the decision she wished to get married to Marc Mezvinsky.

Edward Maurice “Ed” Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton’s father-in-law and her daughter’s grandfather, is a convicted Felon. The ex- Democrat Congressman from Iowa’s 1st Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives, dished up two terms, from 1973 to 1977.

Ed Mezvinsky has known Hillary Clinton since the days when he functioned on the House Judiciary Committee that chose the fate of President Richard Nixon. This unpleasant critic of President Richard Nixon, had labeled Nixon “a crook” and “a disgrace to politics and the nation”, and called for Nixon’s impeachment.

However, did you ever question who that allusive “Nigerian Prince” is who could be sending you those emails looking for revenue? Glimpse no farther than the Clinton Family Tree.

Through a string of Nigerian email scams and Ponzi schemes, Ed Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton’s father-in-law embezzled more than $10 million dollars. In 2001, Ed Mezvinsky was found guilty of 31 (out of 69!) charges of fraud, and served five years in federal prison. His fraud charges involved bank, mail, wire, as well as other criminal acts involving financing bogus oil development and other trade offers in Africa.

But do not think Ed does not keep it in the family. Along with his law clients and friends, he even sceamed his own (now dearly departed) mother-in-law out of money. To date in 2015, the Fraudster still owes over $9.4 million in restitution to his suckers.

A lot of political commentators have made allusions to the truth that the Clintons’ and the Mezvinkys’ actions are so similar, that it is what bonded the two. Be that as it may, the Clintons go to fantastic lengths to never, ever, be observed or photographed with any of Chelsea’s in-laws. So scared is the Clinton Empire of being ruined by the Mezvinkys that neither Ed nor his second wife and Marc’s mother, Marjorie Sue Margolies-Mezvinsky, were permitted in any of Chelsea’s wedding photographs.

It is yet to be spotted if Hillary Rodham Clinton results in being President of the United States of America, if she will ask her only child’s in-laws to the White House for the Holidays. If she does, it is certain that there will be a restriction on snap shots when the Felons go into the “People’s House.”

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