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Frankenfish Coming To A Supermarket Near You: GMO Fish Approved By FDA

Written by JayWill7497

GMO salmon, aka “Frankenfish,” has just been approved for human consumption by the U.S. FDA and the fish may soon be coming to a supermarket near you.

Friends of the Earth’s Dana Perls calls the the decision “irresponsible and flawed.”



The FDA revealed separate wording that would set guidelines for stores who do want to label the fish, along with extra guidance for voluntary labeling of genetically modified plant foods.

Some stores have stated they will not sell the fish at all – retailers Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Target and Kroger have all stated they are not planning to promote AquAdvantage Salmon.

Experts have urged retailers to refuse the salmon, which they have labeled “Frankenfish.” They worry it could result in human allergies and the ultimate decimation of the natural salmon population if it escapes into the wild.

“There’s no place on our dinner plates for genetically engineered fish,” stated Lisa Archer of the environmental advocacy group Friends of the Earth. “We will continue to work to ensure the market, from grocery retailers to restaurants, continues to listen to the majority of consumers that don’t want to eat this poorly studied, unlabeled genetically engineered fish.”

Just hours after the launch, another advocacy group, The Center for Food Safety, stated it would sue the FDA to block the approval.

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