New Device Made By Patriots Helps You Eliminate Your Cable Bills

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Tiger Stream T4X Android Media Device. An android media player that streams unlimited movies and tv shows right to your tv!

Never pay for cable or satellite tv again!

Watch thousands of your favorite tv shows, movies, live sporting events, music, games and kid shows all for free! No subscriptions or fees ever!

Now That’s a deal!

All you need is an internet connection and a tv just plug & play!

Powered by Android the world’s most popular operating system!

Over 800,000 apps and growing!

Surf the web, write e-mails, video chat with friends and family, connect all your external devices: Flash drives, SD cards, external hard drives, bluetooth accessories, wireless keyboards & mouse.

Tiger stream gives you everything on demand, you’ll never have to worry about missing your favorite tv shows or movies ever again!!

I Hope this helps you guys save some money while saying goodbye to cable and satellite bills forever!

TIGER STREAM: Use Online Code ‘StreamNow’ to get it for $350.

This is 100% legal and we need to continue to find ways to become more independent from the system. If you guys find other products on supplies etc. let me know.

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I will be covering other things that I have found useful in the future.



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