Un-Effing-Believable! California teacher had her students sing an Islamic “fight song.”

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More shock and indignity has been heard from parents after a California teacher had her pupils sing an Islamic “fight song.”

The teacher, who was not identified (and why, we don’t know), wrote a song about Islam to the tune of “Fight Song.” She says it was a “catchy way” to educate about Islam.

The following are the song lyrics:

Like a sandstorm on the desert, sending camels into motion.
Like how a single faith can make a heart open, they might only have one God,
But they can make an explosion.

All those things they have to say, Islam … Allah’s on the way.
They will preach them loud tonight. Can you hear their voice this time?
This is their fight song. Spread Islam now song. Prove that they’re right song.





A seventh-grade boy’s mother and grandmother learned about the song when the boy came home with the lyrics. Nichole Negron and Susan Negron then proceeded to go and deal with the Oceanview School Board on Tuesday evening concerning the song, specifically since it was coming on the heels of the Islamic jihad attacks in Paris, France.

“I believe that by singing this song, the children feel comfortable believing that maybe Allah is the only god, and maybe that they should start following him,” Susan contended. “And that I’m not OK with.”

Honestly, that is precisely correct, but rather than being upset about it, why not take away the boy from the school and educate him at home? Why not do as our forefathers did long ago and take the duty and responsibility of educating our children ourselves? Why trust them to a statist run school that we realize is anti-Christian, is lawless (having usurped education from parents), and is corrupt, even forcing the fake god of Islam on American young people? Why do that? Because it is effortless.

The fascinating thing is that the two ladies were not the only ones mad. An extremley unlikely disturb voice was heard, but his motives were completely unique.

Ojaala Ahmed with the designated terror group Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Anaheim likewise spoke out about the song, but did not like it because he considered it may perhaps put Islam in a bad light.

He connected it to the recent attacks in Paris, but included a special twist about it producing a backlash against Islam, “Especially with the recent attacks ISIS has been doing, knowing that this potentially Islamaphobic backlash might come about, what was the teacher’s intention.”

One would assume that Ahmed would be happy about this. After all, CAIR has been pressuring for special demands for Muslim holidays, sports uniforms, times of prayer in public schools and then again targeting off campus Bible studies that were promoted in school. The organization has brazenly reinforced Islam in textbooks, so what it the issue for Ahmed? He thinks people will connect Islam with jihad attacks.

Nice!!, big surprise Ahmed! We do. That is precisely what we do because the Quran instructs it, Muhammad engaged in it and the history of Islam, which includes our own country’s history, has been packed with dealing with Islamic terrorists. Contrary to popular viewpoint, there are many Muslims who are murdered at the hands of other Muslims, so there is no Islamophobia, but instead a real understanding that those who desire to follow the Quran to the letter must participate in such activities against the infidel and hypocrite Muslims.

Obviously, in all of this, the school district apologized and stated they would check it out, but we all realize they will merely sweep this under the rug.

Parents, if you are worried about your children and what they are presented in public indoctrination centers, realize that God gave them to you to educate and teach, not the state. You will be able to do it!

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