Alert News Crisis Actors Made Up By Conspiracy Theorists Really???

Written by JayWill7497

Crisis Actors : Yes they truly exist : What specifically do they do : They even have famous ones : and very very terrible ones too : Who is your beloved Bomb actor ?????



Well they do really exist go here you can even submit an application for a job as a Crisis Actor:

Let’s take a look where specifically crisis actors have been utilized Just on Obama patch:

Here is what you get if you look it up a wide assortment of types and reasons :

Lets take a closer look then:



Well nothing too peculiar there huh:

I am dreadfully sorry for this as this gets humiliating :



But it gets more serious: Gene Rosen Is infamously the worse actor alive right now : He should be jailed for his performances:



More embarrassment. The Medical Examiner and does not remember he is being recorded and makes loads of mistakes ,They are all deserving of jail, at a time of designed uncertainty and suspense.



Now here is a active girl with 3 actors jobs, see if you can identify them ?


Crisis actors no blood

I will let you determine if this girl was blown up in the Boston marathon bombing and all that blood geez!!! Her face is pure fear not surprisingly:


But at this point I have saved the very best for last:

Right here is unquestionably the greatest Crisis Actor on the Planet :

Chemtrails with Al Gore

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