Media’s ‘Islamophobia’ Stooge Busted For Being Connected To Islamic State

Written by JayWill7497

“Islamophobia, bigots and xenophobes!” is the yowl we notice from all those connected to the religion of pieces called Islam when anyone details the behavior of Islamic terrorists, their history and the instruction of the Quran.

Such was the instance with Saadiq Long, who was elevated by the likes of MSNBC, Mother Jones and even Glenn Greenwald as an example of how Muslims should not be surveilled.

Nevertheless, it seems that Mr. Long, along with several family members were just detained near the Turkey-Syria border and charged with being members of an Islamic State cell.

PJ Media accounts:

A man, who just two years ago was the poster boy for the far-Left media’s attacks against the U.S. government’s no-fly list for “unfairly” targeting Muslims, finds himself and several family members sitting in a Turkish prison — arrested earlier this month near the Turkey-Syria border as members of an ISIS cell.

It’s a long way from 2013 when Saadiq Long’s cause was being championed by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Glenn Greenwald, and Mother Jones, and was being represented by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) terror front.

His story got considerable media attention when his CAIR media representatives here pushed the story that Long wanted to return to his native Oklahoma from his current home in Qatar to visit his ailing mother but couldn’t because he was on the TSA’s no-fly list. They said his case represented institutional “Islamophobia.”




And who do you assume showed up to protect Long? None other than selected terror, Muslim Brotherhood front group, and Hamas supporting Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)




After CAIR forced Homeland Security, they eliminated Long temporarily so that he could return back to Oklahoma to pay a visit to his mother.

Nevertheless, during that time the FBI kept him under continuous surveillance, based on his own claim.

There was soon after an event with local law enforcement and the FBI. He was then held from returning to his residence in Qatar because he was, once again, placed back on the no-fly list.

So, what did he do? He got on a bus and journeyed to Mexico, boarded a airplane there and travelled home.

Keep in mind that Qatar just took in Ahmed “ClockFraud” Mohamed, acquired the five Taliban leaders that Obama in illegal ways traded for Bowe Bergdahl, have used up millions on the Islamization of the West and is a hotbed for Islamic jihad.

His arrest has been verified by US and Turkish officials. MSNBC and others are “not-so” shockingly quiet.


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