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Alert: It Has Begun European Countries Shutting Down Alternative Media Sites

Written by JayWill7497

France Begins Shutting Down Alternative News Websites

France begin shutting down and censoring alternative news websites

The French government have hurried through strict “anti-terror” laws in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, which are now witnessing alternative news websites being banned in France.

The French variation of We Are Change has been blocked presently, amid an freakish crackdown on alternative media in Europe.

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‘Le Blog De Resistance‘ is a well-known French-language alternative news source with over 10 million hits and thousands of frequent subscribers. The author, who calls himself Z, has been in freak out and worry mode since a state of emergency was called after the Paris attacks. This high-level alert was lengthened for three months, along with a pro-war propaganda campaign and the media under stringent orders to scare the population like never before. While pandemonium continued outside, the French Government locked themselves away to talk about new legislation which would have an impact on the alternative media in a very negative approach. Today, Z’s greatest fear was known, and he writes:

“And so it begins. How long will this blog remain open? The worst is that the French do not care, they are totally obsessed with more security at the expense of their freedoms. The world mocks the terrible secrets revealed by Snowden. Amazing – in France, the ‘land of liberty’. Today once again I repeat, I am very afraid for freedom of expression and the alternative media. I don’t know how much longer I can write and report freely. I fear for myself. Risk taking was already intense, made worse with the slew of laws passed since the beginning of the year (anti-terrorism law, intelligence …) now, it’s huge. It’s very hard for us to write under the state of emergency. Stress and tension are everywhere.”

The tone is obvious. It’s fearful and worried. It’s spooky. It appears to be like it was written in Nazi Germany in 1939, not France in 2015.

Les Moutons Enrages, Sputnik France and Fawkes are other well-known alternative media sites which ‘Le Blog De La Resistance’ author Z sources in his blog posts. Most continue to be defiant, with the first promising to ‘open up in Russia if necessary’. Z points out that Francois Hollande has been ensuring to silence ‘conspiracy theorists’ since January this year. We Are Change’s crime was to publish a video (below) with a few questions about the Paris attacks. They severely pissed off the authorities, and it was sufficient to get the French version banned for ‘reasons of national security’. Z then quotes George Orwell, and laments the simple fact that telling the truth is now ‘an act of suicide’.

Here is a query: when leaders keep telling us not to permit terrorists to change our way of life, why is smashing dissent the first thing they do when something awful comes about? Is not dissent part of living in a free world? Are not protests and asking tough questions of those in power just a couple of the liberties we are purportedly attempting to ‘spread‘ around the world? Is not that part of what makes democracy so superb?

Clearly, obviously not. We need tougher terrorism laws because the puppet media just informed us that one of the evil guys came in from Greece pretending to be a refugee, and he even left a passport (later proven to be bogus) outside the burning building he just fled from from. We need them because, despite the truth you or I could be arrested at home for an ‘offensive tweet’ within minutes of putting it out there, our intelligence agencies are allegedly too under-resourced to effectively track down a few ISIS Twitter accounts. They are so the result of mastication, Anonymous had to step in and do their jobs for them. It is peculiar how awful the intelligence services are when it suits the plan: Snowden has exposed how the government can control your mobile phone and listen in on your conversations even when it’s turned off, but for some reason the real terrorists get to perfect their complicated and evil plans without any detection at all. How very convenient.

Yes, the intelligence services are doing a horrible job. They have demonstrated themselves not able of forecasting dreadful attacks in advance, in spite of the truth that as soon as a terror attack happens, a huge list of information is magically readily available to the media. How was it likely, for example, that alleged Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev‘s personal Amazon wishlist was being talked about well before the time it would take the authorities to even look at all the CCTV footage of the marathon? These observed (ie phony) failings may lead countless to support increased spying measures for the ever-growing sprawling network of global surveillance tentacles, but it is truly worth inquiring whether these incompetencies are even real, because all terrorism laws tend to do is methodically dismantle what is left of our civil liberties.

We support our French independent media associates in their struggle against censorship. The subsequent quote is falsely credited to the French philosopher Voltaire, who was a great defender of freedom (and would no doubt be turning in his grave about France’s new gag laws). It turns out Voltaire did not express this, rather it was said about him- a friend’s detailed description of the great man’s philosophy- which looks more pertinent to his countrymen today than ever.


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