BRICS Banks Will Begin Borrowing In The Yuan To Bypass The Dollar

Greeks are told they must claim cash under their bed, gold, jewels and any other valuables.

Canada GDP implodes.

US manufacturing declines once again signalling a complete crash of the system.

The housing bubble 2 is now being setup exactly like the first housing bubble.

Atlanta fed recalculated GDP and it is now 50% lower.

BRICS banking system will now loan yuan instead of dollars.

US Treasury Secretary says the US will do everything in its power to protect the US dollar as the reserve currency.


Consumer confidence tanks as the economy declines further.

Real estate narrative is crossing between Case-Schiller and NAR, one says home prices are falling and the other says rising.

Manufacturing has hit a 25 year low.

Manufacturing not helping the economy and the US cannot be propped up on service oriented jobs.

GDP revised and pushed up to 2.05%. Richmond Fed show 3rd month of wages declining.

Central banks have run out of steam and the economy is now collapsing at a accelerated rate.