French Reporters Taken Aback At Obama’s Stupidity: “He is an Ass*ole! An Ass*ole!”

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Obama Just Stated The Most Amazingly Idiotic Thing POSSIBLE.


These days it seems some among the Climate Summit’s host-nation French media were just as furious by Barack Obama’s obviously badly informed commentary relating to how mass shootings only take place in the United States – and stated those words while standing on a stage in Paris less than two weeks after that city saw hundreds of its residents gunned down and blown up by Muslim terrorists in a mass shooting attack.

“The president appeared tired, bored, and then made comments that had some reporters glancing at one another as if to say, “Did he really just say that?”


Here just as before is video of Mr. Obama veering significantly off the road of sound judgment or basic decency when he seems to at first reject the recent and horrible tragedy of the Paris terrorist attacks in favor of yet again terrorizing gun rights in America:



It is mentioned that subsequent what was at times a shateringly slow, slouching, and ostensibly disinterested functionality by President Obama, some among the French media were heard frequently utilizing the words, “Connard! and Trouduc!” to express their feelings concerning Mr. Obama’s outrageous commentary – phrases rather precise to a certain part of the human anatomy.

(Apologies to my French-speaking audience.)

And in what is probably very much associated news, Mr. Obama’s own Secretary of Defense stated today before Congress that ISIS had never been contained – a remark that is in direct opposition to the president’s previous declarations. It seems some within the administration have had plenty of of Barack Obama’s glaring lack of knowledge and cockiness that is putting so many at risk.

Unsurprisingly Geraldo Rivera, rarely a far-right journalist, was at the press conference and afterwards told Fox News he was shocked by the president’s linking of global warming to the current and ongoing Islamic terror attacks against western nations. Mr. Rivera made obvious his own surprise at Mr. Obama’s apparent disconnect from truth.

The issue that continues to be is if our own Nazi News Media will permit the crumbling fakeness that is the Obama myth to be more fully revealed or work double-time to protect and maintain that appearance in the final year of the Obama presidency.

Unfortunately, recent history would suggest the latter…

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