Obama Calls For Gun Reforms After San Bernardino Shooting Hoax

Written by JayWill7497

People always ask the same question. Why would they fake these shootings? There’s no reason to fake these. Why would they do this? Let me have you understand, they have an agenda and they are very patient with there agenda.

They cannot fake one shooting and try to pass gun control, it has to slowly take place. They’ll get into the subconscious mind where people have had enough of this. You will not believe the news will say ” I’m tired of all these shootings. I don’t want to hear about them.” This is when people will fold like a cheap suit and give in to the governments demands.



I watched it from beginning to end…definite hoax…%100.

I watched, saw and listened to a major news network cut to regular scheduled program in the middle of a woman’s interview during live aerial coverage of the supposed arrest/shootout with the “BLACK SUV” that was riddled with bullet holes.

The woman being interviewed stated, ” We were coming from the [mall] right over there, then I couldn’t go because the police were zooming right passed.

The guy got out and ran…they chased him, I couldn’t see what was going on because there were so many police on top of him.

Then the news channel cut the feed, went straight to regular scheduled program and didn’t return to the live aerial footage of the “arrest/shootout.

The woman wasn’t even finished saying the word “him” Not to mention all the supposed victims, mostly women, who were “shot” but not showing any expression of pain.

The police probably pulled over the first black SUV they saw and killed and or arrested someone they’ve been watching…someone awake.; an innocent person.

And it goes on and on…I hope someone finds that report. I think it was CBS.

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