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VIDEO: Chicago Police Officer Claims Rahm Emanuel “Included” In LaQuan McDonald Shooting “Cover-Up“

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Everyone who is focusing understands that a little something is rubbish with the Laquan McDonald case. The family of the teen – who was shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke, now charged with first degree murder – got a $5 million settlement from the city without having filed a lawsuit or anything.

Then the city struggled with the release of the police dash cam video of the shooting… hard. Perfect, at the least until elections were over.

Then it became available in grand jury testimony that the Chicago PD paid an unscheduled visit to a Burger King near where the shooting occurred just a little while later to check out the restaurant’s surveillance footage…86 minutes of which strangely disappeared after they left, missing minutes which just may be when the shooting happened.

At this point, amid the police state protests that have taken over Chicago, one police officer has confessed on tape that Mayor Rahm Emanuel was component to the cover-up:

The police officer states “read John Kass.” Chicago Tribune columnist Kass has been uncovering Emanuel’s corruption for years, but lately he has publicized several scathing pieces particularly about the shooting, like “Emanuel holds others accountable on police shooting video, not himself,” where Kass insights the reason the McDonald video was not produced sooner and why the city struggled against its release so hard (hint: it has absolutely nothing to do with protests):

But what of the mayor’s accountability? He sat on the video for months. If voters had seen it, he wouldn’t have been re-elected. So it all worked out for him.

And where is the accountability of African-American politicos and others like the Rev. Jesse Jackson, so loud now, pointing their fingers and organizing meetings and demanding accountability from others?

When it mattered, they were silent. They didn’t demand that the video be released. Why?

Because this is Chicago and that’s how it works.

Put simply, more corruption. Not a huge shock, but everyone knows it. Will anything be done about it?

While Rahm has dismissed Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy over the McDonald shooting, people are requesting for him to step down as well.

Crazy, isn’t it? How nothing occurred on this October 2014 shooting case, no fresh data came to light or anything, but it was not until after 2015 elections that abruptly the city stops struggling with the release of the video, the policeman eventually gets charged with first degree murder and the law enforcement superintendent is fired. The shooting itself and the terrible video that displays a teen being gunned down in the street, shot 16 times, it all occurred over a year ago. The family was silently paid off, the tale kept under wraps.

Rahm can not even make-believe this was not a cover-up. Even his own city’s law enforcement are acknowledging it on tape.

But hey, good thing Christmas is just around the corner! Amid calls for his resignation which he states certainly is not going to come about, Rahm is taking the family on vacation to Cuba for the holidays, a place he got genuinely testy about when a Politico reporter lately questioned him about it.

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