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Planet X & Nibiru System – The Story Of Our Lifetime

From Angel’s alternative surveillance resource network, you are about to view a true story, recorded recently, documenting facts of Planet X & Nibiru System .

This story is both dedicated to the faithful and presented to the falsehearted to encourage their research of truth and current events in the world in which we live today.

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Welcome! We have a lot going on Today, Tonight, so let us begin.

Coming directly from Planet X & Nibiru System (2014) youtube channel.

Planet X & Nibiru System (2014) presents evidence that the Planet X & Nibiru system exists and puts forth some pretty compelling evidence as to the magnitude of the issue that is being presented.

Planet X & Nibiru System (2014) states “If you go back to my April 17, 2013 video and then watch this one, this will give you the true nature and extent of the direction and size of these objects.”

Not to worry because I have provided that video for your viewing pleasure. And you should really take a look at them to fully understand what we here on Earth are up against.

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