Elite Plan To Escape To Mars, Leave 99% Of Us On “Dying, Warring Planet”


Put aside underground bunkers. That certainly is not good enough. If Armageddon occurs, it is now being posted that the one percent projects to escape to Mars.

Newsweek put out an post this week saying that the new commercial space projects by billionaires such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are in fact about an escape plan for the wealthy elite one percent who plan to escape to Mars and leave the rest of us “to suffer on a dying, warring planet.”

The space travel companies state they are making a way for the human species to manage by populating other planets. But the main point here is that only the wealthy will have the ability to relocate to Mars. Musk’s target ticket price is $500,000 a person in 2015 dollars, and that is just to get there. Picture the new outfits you will have to purchase to go with that space helmet.

While it is accurate only the truly wealthy will have the ability to easily afford space flight with companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin, the thing that is funny about it is people’s reactions.

Many respond they are just happy to find out the elite will be blasting off to another planet.

Responding to the account, Matt on the Crisis Forums published:

I’m not so sure the world “sucks”; it just so happens to be in the hands of a tiny group of people who are doing their best to make it suck for us. I think with a few minor changes the world could actually be a really awesome place for everyone.

…to which Tazweiss replied:

If the 1% all go to Mars the rest of us might be able to create a better world here.

It’s a sad statement on society to note that people’s immediate reaction to the first commercial space flight available ever wasn’t to be bummed they can’t afford to go to Mars; it was to be excited about the fact that the wealthy elite might leave Earth en masse and go somewhere so far away, it takes roughly seven months to get there.

The comment victor goes to Farmer Sean:


“Haha! We screwed up the Earth for the rest of you, so have fun cleaning up the mess!”

*They fly to Mars*

“Hey, which cargo hold has the menial workers?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, where are the people who are going to build our luxurious space palaces, grow our food and give us manicures?”

“I think…. I think we have to do all of that by ourselves.”


No, they will most likely promise a few “lucky” poor people free passage to Mars by way of a “work program” that will turn into exacto slavery once they get there. Good luck getting away from Mars.

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