U.S.A. Imminent Economic Collapse in 2015!


President Obama demonstrated, along with the historical record, that socialism and Marxism basically dose not work, no matter how many different “imaginative” ways you try to implement them.

Since taking office, Obama has racked up over $1 trillion in debt per year, which specifically goes against his early campaign promises to reduce spending and be more “fiscally responsible.”

To my belief he is the creator of the U.S.A. Imminent Economic Collapse.

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You know what gets to me about all this discussion of war and economic collapse…, is the failure of these people to grasp the most simplest of facts, and then act upon them facts.

That’s what baffles me.

Specifically when you all claimed to be so intelligent?

Something else that baffles me, how can something claiming to be intelligent, can act so stupidly?

I understand I live on areas of land which is situated on the planet, Why don’t you bunch out there understand that?

I understand because of this limited space I live in, I can not embrace a plan of endless growth, Why don’t you bunch out there understand that?


I understand, if you embrace a plan based on infinity growth within a limited space, then you are going to destroy everything. How come you bunch out there don’t understand that?

And I understand, the only way you can achieve endless growth within a limited space, is to destroy everything within that limited space which includes yourself, How come you bunch out there, are not capable of understanding that?

I understand running a plan of infinity growth within a limited space,is not viable, practical, sustainable, logical or responsible, it will eventually collapse, because it will run out of resources and space to work an infinity policy in.

How come you bunch out there are not able of understanding that?

I understand, to live in a restricted space, you have to live within its restrictions, you have to restrict your growth to secure it at a fixed number of people, especially when that confined space is shared by billions of people, which is critical to the health of that space and everything in it, Why are you bunch out there not capable of understanding that, what is wrong with your brain that it is not able to grasp that information and facts and act upon it ?.



You are heading for destruction because you do not have the intelligence to understand that you live in a confined space or the intelligence to behave in a way so you do not destroy that confined space along with yourselves.

For only something stupid would not have the ability to understand any of this, that I’ve just written, only something stupid would act in such a way that its actions would bring about its own destruction.

So question? How can you be intelligent when you do not have the capability to grasp anything.?


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