Videos Raises More Questions In Fatal Shooting By Chicago Police::

In accordance to law enforcement officials on Chicago’s south side about the night of June 19, 2015, police officers came to check to see an emergency call concerning men inside area with firearms.

One of the men upon that block was 22-year-old Alfontish “Nunu” Cockerham.



He died a short time afterwards as a final result of police gunfire.

At this moment  grainy videos display  objects which presents itself to be a firearm manifest on the ground a few of feet away right from just where witness Natasha Mclemore stated the police officer fired his shots.

If Cockerham did position the gun, he could possibly have had to have executed it prior to stepping into the frame of the camera.

Here is David Muir World News Tonight aworld, reporting on , Made In America segments and other extraordinary stories.

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It was reported  on 12/08/15 that utilized a stun gun presumably utilized a stun gun on Philip Coleman and dragged him straight down a hallway just before he died.

In a brood cast on the Denver 7 News Channel,  Lance Hernandez ,  said  that some cities tried  to share the videos as soon as possible.


What is more to come? I believe whole-heartedly that it is time to stop police brutality with any race.

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