BS Alert! Lies, Lies, And More Lies: Numerous Eyewitness Accounts Prove FBI Fabricated Video Footage Of LaVoy Finicum Shooting


In the weeks since the shooting death of patriot rancher LaVoy Finicum and the arrest of Ammon Bundy, Ryan Payne, and others, a number of eyewitness testimony and independent reporting has totally debunked the idea that the FBI released unedited video footage of the currently infamous violent confrontation on an Oregon highway.

In the middle of a massive public outcry throughout social media, the FBI took the incredible step of releasing footage of the shooting and arrests just a couple days after they originally took place. Many discovered this as evidence that the feds were not attempting to hide anything and that the murdering of Finicum was indeed legal and justified.

While the video footage published by the FBI did totally destroy the claim by Mark McConnell that LaVoy had charged at police, it more importantly left out key portions of what actually occurred.

To put it differently, the FBI straight up LIED to every single American by releasing footage they reported was complete and unedited when we now understand that there are key parts, verified by multiple eyewitnesses and independent reporting, that are nowhere to be discovered in the official video released on the FBI YouTube channel.

In key interviews carried out by Victoria Sharp and Shawna Cox, both women illustrate a point before LaVoy drove away (from what has been described as a hail of bullets) when Ryan Payne actually got out of the motor vehicle in what is considered to have been an effort to put himself between the vehicle and the police about to shoot it up.

Oregon Shooting of Lavoy Finicum FBI Video Footage & Victoria Sharp Testimony | Oregon Standoff

An exceptional article completed by Lory Storm for KSDZ FM in Nebraska gets into the probable reasoning for why Victoria described Payne as amazing in the interview above.

“He did stick his hands out of the window, he did wave them, what you can’t see in the video is that the officer shot at him when he did that,” detailed Storm.

“He then got out of the truck fearing for the safety of everyone in there, including the two women, and posted himself in front of the armed men, tried to talk some sense into everyone and calm things down.

LaVoy decided if they were going to be stopped on the road and summarily shot at before they were even requested to get out of the vehicle that they weren’t safe…. and boy did he end up being right,” continued Storm.

For her part, Shawna Cox has completed numerous interviews since her release from jail and in many of them she also goes over the instant Payne got out of the vehicle as well as multiple other key periods of time that we do not observe in the “unedited” video released by the FBI.

Sources are right now trying to put together a full timeline of what eyewitnesses state actually occurred from the time they were originally pulled over up until Finicum was murdered and the others arrested.

What we do understand at this point, as Lory Storm so rightfully mentioned, is the FBI’s claim that this is an unedited video is completely debunked.

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